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Wedding Bells

So, I am getting married!

Not sure if I am happy, scared, nervous, worried, ecstatic or sad…

They say ‘Marriages are made in heaven’. Really? I don’t know and maybe I might never find out. But I see a lot of happily married people (with or without kids) around me, living perfectly normal, happy lives and that drives me towards optimism. Maybe, marriages can be successful after all. Maybe, there is some profound wisdom behind that saying after all. I guess only time will tell.

But yes, exactly 3 months from today, my life will change forever! I will be married to the women of my dreams. That very thought brought a smile on my face.

Maybe, I really am happy..

5 thoughts on “Wedding Bells

  1. wow..welcome to the world of self expression… i had a feeling u wud be here sooner than latter…

    we all are happy for you..this indeed is the new start and god bless you…

    Hope i too am a contributing factor for your optimism…

  2. Haan bhai….”ye woh ladoo hai, jo kahye woh pachtaye…jo na khaye woh bhi pachtaye” 🙂
    But Jawan aage badho…hum sab tumhare saath hain, and I am positive it will be a great experience….
    And knowing Iram I know your life is going to only be more beautiful!
    So Enjoi and be optimistic(which u are anyways) and I also know you are just eagerly waiting for that day 😀

  3. I introduce myself to the blogging world with this comment 🙂
    Sounds so weird……
    About Marriage….. I think everyone should go thru this process atleast once in life….after all how long can one stay happy…..there shud b a balance between happiness n suffering 😀
    Ok, I dont mean to freak u out…..coz I think its high time I got married too…..
    Stalling it for personal reasons and I got committment issues.
    Well, go ahead dude…..dive in…..Marriage is one of those things in life; the sooner u do it the better…..
    I kno wat i’ve written sounds bad even scary…..but that’s my point of view 😉

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