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I will be there

I’m not the sorts who needs a medium like this to express my feelings – specially for my friends. I’d rather go upto the person and blurt it out – good or bad! But I know one such person who I haven’t really acknowledged as much, some one who has been in my life for close to 8 yrs now, and we still sparingly speak, meet up once in a while, update ourselves, but that one meeting is a time when I think I am totally myself.

This person’s name is Khalid or more fondly known as ‘kaddy’. I really don’t know why I write about him but I just felt like taking out some time to collate my thoughts together for this guy. We met back in 1999 when I first landed in Aurangabad for my engineering. And to say that we immediately hit off would be the biggest understatement of the year! Here were 2 dudes who wanted exactly the same things in life – fun, food, films and females! And together, we set off on our mission! Every single day was an adventure and we, almost, did about everything possible! I will spare the details for an other day. But, more importantly, I felt I found someone who was my alter-ego! I’d only heard of such friends but I think I had found one!

And then, something happened. Things snapped between us. I still don’t know the real reasons. Ego, change in priorities, attitude, maturity, misunderstandings – I think each had a factor to play. We drifted apart. We were still friends, only not the best of friends! But I remember the time I spent with him and how I enjoyed every minute of that time. I remember how his presence had made it easier for me to start a new life in a new city after living 17 yrs abroad. I remember everything!

He is married now and, very soon, his wife will be joining him in Dubai. He starts a new life, amidst tensions and pressures in his personal and professional life, both of which are really stretching him. He has done well for himself to come this far. And I am sure he has a long way to go. I am sure he is not going to be pulled down by all this.

And, God forbid, if he does loose his footing, I will be there!

2 thoughts on “I will be there

  1. i really hope u get back on the same pace with ur friend as yester years!!!!
    after all treasured friendships like this are far and few….

  2. i must say it gives me great pride to say that adeel is my friend and he still has so much concern about me. things might have been bad or if i put it in the right words it was juss negligence towards each other, but now inshallah evrything is bak to normal, and the best part is if things like these do not happen in our life we would have never known our importance to one another, its your greatnedd that you took the initiative but trust me ill be there for you as well, inshallah this would never ever happen again coz of two thing realisation and change are a never ending process in my life. chow.

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