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Yesterday, I experienced something so unique, fulfilling and satisfying that I couldn’t help wonder why I hadn’t done something like this before. I have been earning since May 2005. So I’ve had a stable income for quite some time now. But for the first time ever, I had a chance to hand over my entire monthly salary in the hands of my parents! Oh, and how do I describe the expressions on their faces!!! And how do I describe how I felt?!! I think words cannot do justice so I will quit trying. All I can say is that – It was the most satisfying feeling ever!!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Satisfied…

  1. that indeed is a very satisfying thing to do..and y ur entire salary, what ever u do for them after putting some thought will make them happy… as they say its not about the money but about the intent 🙂

  2. v true.. u must be enjoying being there with ur parents.. touch wood.. hv not seen ur parents though.. can u put their pics up too..

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