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Every new hire who joins Oracle Dubai is required to attend a 3 weeks (now 2 weeks!) foundation training in Dublin, Ireland. So, here I am, in Dublin! Got here at 5am today. It is raining, max temp 8 deg. with a min of 4 deg. The apartment is good, well equipped with all essentials (stove, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, DVD player…even an iron!). All I need to get is foodstuff and I am good to go! The heating system is amazing – probably that’s why I’ve not frozen to death….yet! But, best of all, it has wifi! 🙂 It’s almost like home away from home!
That’s the living roomFrom the couch in the living room – kitchen and dinning table

That’s my bed room!

And what I love best about this apartment – the kitchen!

Training starts tomorrow morning at 9am. I don’t have a flatmate yet but I am sure my luck is gonna run out soon. I have another colleague whose travelling with me. She’s now my next door neighbour.
Looking forward to an interesting & ‘cold’ next couple of weeks!

5 thoughts on “Dub…Dub…Dublin!!!

  1. heyy…gud garbage u type i shud say. 🙂
    neways..nicccceee aprt..it kinda reminded me of my honeymoon! dont know y. 🙂 hehehe..have fun bro…u hardly have 2 months left! 😉

  2. Ruhi – don’t just keep reminding me about that! 😛

    Iya – I wish I’d be coming back to Blore. Chocolates would have been right up there in my list!

    Unmana – Oh yes!!! 🙂

  3. Hmmm…..Nice house….but neighbour jara door raho…tumhari paari poori ho gayi hai…agle ballebaaz ko aane do! Samajh gaye janab 😛
    Aish karo ;)I know you would be cursing me for this….hehehehe

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