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Things I noticed in Dublin:
1. Strangers greet you! Doesn’t matter who it is. I could be a traffic officer, biker, newspaper man, students, neighbours…absolutely anyone. If someone passes by, you get a quick smile, or a ‘Morning’ or a ‘Hi’ or a ‘How ya doin?’.
2. Everyone is so apologetic! If, by chance, someone comes in your walking path, you hear an immediate ‘Sorry’ or ‘Oops’. And that person makes way for you to pass. Even while getting onto a bus, no comes in the other person’s way. Period.
3. Queues everywhere! People are ready to wait for how long it takes in queues. There isn’t one person who even tries to jump the line.
4. Every bar is known as the ‘……. Temple Bar’. Good ambiance, great music, friendly people – worth every penny!
5. People are ready to chop off their right arm for ‘the black stuff” or also known as Guinness.

‘the black stuff’

Short story to narrate here: A bunch of us stepped into this bar after dinner called ‘Fitzsimons’ (yes, you guessed it – Fitzsimons temple bar!). Good place and while we were placing our order, a relatively drunk man walked up to my colleague, who was standing right next to an empty chair, and asked her “How much for that chair?”. We all look up. And he asks the same question again. Startled, my colleague, Selma, replies “Take it, it’s for free”. Quickly the man replies, “Sorry to take the chair away from you dear. It is for this women, ya see, who I wanna have sex with tonight!” We all broke into a laughter. And the guy picks up the chair and walks off, also laughing!

So far, I’ve received extremely warm hospitality from folks in Dublin. I guess we all should learn a thing or two from the Irish!

4 thoughts on “Observations…

  1. Beer!!! It’s a special from Ireland. Every one who lives here, comes here, visits here, has to have ‘the black stuff’ or a pint of Guinness!

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