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is this normal??

Now I feel I am really getting married!!! And frankly, it is making me quite anxious. A lot goes behind organizing a wedding, most of which I don’t personally have to worry about or do, but it still needs to be done. What if something goes wrong? What if…..? What if….? Things…thoughts keep pouring into my head. I am trying my best to keep cool, to be positive. Is this normal? I ask this to all the married folks out there – is this normal??


One thought on “is this normal??

  1. no this is not normal.. this is that special feeling one would appreciate when he or she is at it! take it easy.. yes be positive as u said u are trying to be and trust me.. the calm n composed groom will see everything happening in the best possible way! n ur role will start post that. i m sure n am hopeful that u will be the best person for someone.. just like ur friend is for me 🙂 i feel special too..

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