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when will it end?

Why do the demons of the past still haunt me? Why can’t they leave me alone? What do they want from me? What do they gain by traumatizing me? Do they have a purpose? What could that be?

How do I fight with myself? Who wins? Me or me?!?

I thought I had conquered my fears, fought my demons, and won! I thought I had won but that was just an illusion. I am still fighting and some one has to loose.

When will it end?

5 thoughts on “when will it end?

  1. You have to fight many battles before you win the war…
    Sometimes I still have nightmares of battles fought long ago, demons that I thought were dead…
    Be brave. Be wise.

  2. There are fears in life which we have to overcome by just living the fears all over again. everything has to come to an end, good or bad.
    so just kno that wether it ends soon or late, ur never going to be alone in ur battles. 🙂

  3. Ok dude Kaddy style, if u cant handle them pass them on to me ill beat the shit out of em, relax man hota hai it happens wit evryone and i guess u r much more stronger than i am so u can overcome it juss have faith, dats all u shud have.

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