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A major task preceding the wedding got taken care of yesterday: The Suit! 🙂 Yes, I bought my suit last night and what a beauty it is! For weeks I had imagined what it was going to be and often wondered if I’d ever find one like that. But yesterday I did! 🙂 Massimo Dutti had an exact replica of my imaginative suit. I took, at most, 7-8 min, after trying it on, to decide I was going to buy it, despite the obscene price tag attached to it, which I conveniently decided to ignore! :p. My bro thought it was made for me. And about an hour later, we walked out of the store, me absolutely delighted (read: on top of the world!) on my latest addition (almost – it gets delivered to me on Monday) to my wardrobe. And did I mention, I also bought my shoes – a pair of Steve Madden, which I felt went beautifully with my suit.

So, all in all, it was a very productive (that also got me on the verge of bankruptcy!) evening of shopping. I still have some more to do but what remains is just the tip of the iceberg!

05 Jan 08: Quick update – I purchased my sherwani today!!! Now I feel I am really going to get married! Got it at a good bargain price. After trying it on, I got my first compliment as well, which was by Ruhi, who said, “Now you really look like a Dulha!”. And, ofcourse, I love it! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Yipee!!

  1. hehehehe….seems like you are on cloud 9…thats really great man! Chalo, isse acha aur kya ho sakta hai ki you found the gal you had imagined and everything else to make it completely dream like…May God always fulfil ur dreams 🙂 God bless you both!

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