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Honeymoon – A dream in Malaysia and Singapore (Part 1)

And what a week we had! We booked a honeymoon package for 7 nights/8 days with 4 nights in Malaysia and 3 in Singapore. Our tour operator had every single detail taken care off including tickets, visas, hotel accommodation, pickup and drop, sightseeing, food etc etc. So, all we really needed to do was….just be there!!

We flew from Chennai on 3rd late night for Kuala Lumpur (KL). Landed early morning and in an hour were on our way to Genting. Quick note here: At KL airport, we had to take the internal train to move from the arrival section to the exit….the airport is that HUGE!!! So back to Genting, this is a small city located at approx. 3000 feet, on top of a mountain – almost in and above the clouds. Genting city is just a collection of 4-5 resorts, all interconnected. They have an outdoor & indoor theme park, shopping malls, restaurants, cable cars, bowling alleys, cinema halls, snow world, concert halls etc. No wonder it is also known as ‘The city of Entertainment’. What truly amazed me was how colorful and bright everything was. And the view from our room was breathtaking!

View from our room…

Down below, far away, peeping through the clouds we could see KL city, the Petronas towers, the KL tower etc.

2 days in Genting was filled with lots of fun and shopping. Not to forget our first experience on Asia’s fastest and longest cable car. It was just WOW! Awana is another city located on a mountain and the cable cars connect both of them. At 3000 feet, with only the sky above, tropical rain forests below, clouds all around – it was breathtaking!!!

From our cable car

For 45 min, we felt we were ‘out-of-this-world’!!! Next, we visited the Snow World. The following day was Chinese new year (The year of the Rat). So we had fireworks, dances, live music on the streets that midnight.

It was cold, misty and windy. And we were out till 3am, strolling, hand in hand, relishing the moment, and trying to live our entire lives that night, with each passing minute!

Next day, at noon we checked out of hotel and were on our way to KL. The ride downhill was, again, mind-blowing. KL was like any other international city – skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants, pubs, gardens, history, cultural centers etc. We were so shell-shocked by our experience in Genting that KL almost went unnoticed…almost! Because no one can NOT notice the great Petronas Towers!!!!

With a height of 1500 feet, 88 stories of sheer engineering marvel, the twin towers are just sight to behold, standing tall with unabashed arrogance, intimidating and daunting! Not too publicized though, is the KL tower, which is the 4th tallest telecommunication tower in the world with a height of 420 meters (1380 feet).

The twin towers and KL tower

We visited the observation deck, which was 280 meters, that gave a birds-eye view of the entire city.

Twin towers as seen from the observation deck on KL Tower

The KL tower also boasts of the highest McDonalds outlet in the world, and yes, we had a couple of burgers too!!

Next: Part 2 – Singapore!!! 🙂

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