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Compliments??? ;)

Posting some comments that I received by folks who saw my wedding album….. 🙂

Ezhil: its so beautiful…she luks like a doll…man u r so lucky…ofcourse..u deserve her…have a wonderful life together..:)

Iya: Beautiful pics… great yaa… wish u the very best with Iram.. u guys look great together….

Amit: nice pics. Iram is looking beautiful and masood for some reason looking fairer 🙂 wish you both a great life ahead

Sai: Great pics bro!! You guys look great together! Congrats!!! Let me know when you settle down and I shall call you.

Deepa: Congrats dude…wow…u both look so nice….ur wifey is damn beautiful..lucky u 🙂 looking forward to meet u ppl…hope u come to delhi sometime soon 🙂

Tara: lovely pics 🙂 the best is the one with the longest caption.. where you are carrying mrs salem to somewhere 😉

Sangeeta: awsome pics, your wife is really really preety… for sure you are lucky to get such a pretty wife, well tum bhi kaam nahi lag rahee hoo, most handsome perhaps in life till now. wish you both a wonderful life ahead full of all happiness of yours desire.

Tijs: sweet pictures!!! Really beautiful clothes and decorations. Awesome tie too that you were wearing at the reception. Just curious, are you not supposed to smile in pictures?

Puja: hey she is looking damn gorgeous, esp in the red, and blue one absolutely mind blowing. You also look dashing as usual. My fren who saw the pic complimented both of u 🙂 wow that pic where you picked up Iram is damn cute.

Radhika: Lovely bride and good humor (urs!) …u sure make a great couple 🙂 ok now before u complain….u too look dashing! regal actually 🙂

Me: Thanks a lot, guys! :p


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