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Dubai accident victim

By now, half the world knows about the 250 car pile up on Abu Dhabi – Dubai highway.

As per the official stats:
Total cars involved in the accident: 250
No. of cars totally destroyed: 83
Total injured: 347
Total dead: 3 (official number!)

Off the 3 dead, one such person was Mohammad Salib Khan, 29, a bus driver. He was due to fly home to Pakistan on 20th March to meet his wife and 3 year old daughter Alina, who he had seen 2 yrs ago, on this last visit home! He had borrowed money for his expenses, done his shopping and had his ticket booked on a PIA flight to Peshawar. He got married 4 yrs ago and had visited his family only once. He was eager to meet his daughter because she had started speaking. He was supposed to be reunited with his family, he was supposed to fly on 20th, happy and excited to – embrace his daughter, love his wife and take blessings from his mother!

Instead, he now goes in a box!

May his soul rest in peace. May Allah grant him all the pleasures of heaven. Amen.

p.s. I don’t know him. Read about it in the papers. But I was deeply pained!


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