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I miss Bangalore

I miss seeing the sunrise from the terrace
I miss the creme de la caramel & DBC sundae from Corner House
I miss the couch, TV remote, snacks and TV
I miss the cool breeze at midnight on the terrace
I miss the biryani & kebab from Mughal Darbar, the tandoori chicken from Chicken County, fondue at Indijoes, the buffet at Barbeque Nation
I miss driving around on my bike around Jaynagar in the rain
I miss the dinners and the early morning breakfast buffets with my colleagues
I miss MTR’s idli sambar with pure ghee and masala dosa
I miss sheru – the dog in front of my house who I used to feed every day
I miss the madness of MG road, brigade road & commercial street
I miss sitting at my favorite CCD sipping iced mochachillo and reading John Grisham
I miss the irate auto wallas who just refused to go where I wanted to go
I miss the thrill of competing and winning awards at work
I miss the time I spent with my family when they visited
I miss my friends – Sumit, Abhijeet, Amit, Iya, Puja and my other colleagues from work


10 thoughts on “I miss Bangalore

  1. You know, you’ll never appreciate the place until you’ve actually left it for good. That’s what happened in my case. Every single little thing makes me nostalgic now…
    So, till such time that you are there, make the most of it and have fun!!

  2. a ride on bike could cover almost the entire city there,
    we would go to any of these botanical gardens for our morning walks
    and reward ourselves with MTR idli or that awesome buffet breakfast @ 100 per head.
    i was there only for 3 months & still it feels we left our home
    The nomenclature used for naming places was a bit confusing though.. was it like 5th cross, 2nd block, 3rd main.. or whatever 🙂
    I hv so many places unseen there n that means there would definitely be time in future to explore them.
    good to read ths post of urs.

  3. Tara – Yes, Life is Bangalore is sweet. One of the best weather in India. That’s what made the morning walks, the bike rides even sweeter. The 100 bucks buffet was at Presidents. The road nomenclature was seriously crazy. It took me a good 3-4 months to get used to. But, all in all, it is a great place. I really cherish my days there!!! 🙂

  4. i too miss a bangalore a lot & my family there love them and miss them lot
    i dnt when will i be there again but sure i want go there asap i miss bangalore lot lot there is no where on the earth like bangalore

  5. hi there..I have been staying in bangalore for around two years now…and I am sure if and when i have to leave,,,i will miss all the same things you mentioned..except that I dont own a bike.. 😛

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