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Oracle and me…

On 2nd May, I completed 3 years at Oracle corporation!

I pat myself on the back for that. No bones about the fact that this is the largest enterprise software company in the world. And at this point, there are close to 71,000 people working for Oracle across 126 countries. Our product portfolio includes anything and everything that has got to do with databases, middleware, ERP, functional applications, CRM, BI etc. And what we don’t have yet, don’t worry too much about that. We just go ahead and buy that company!

I am part of a multi-billion dollar multinational company! I feel proud to be associated with a company that needs no introduction. The name speaks for itself. Year after year, quarter after quarter, Oracle exceeds expectations of analysts and shareholders. In 2007, we celebrated it’s 30th birthday. Hats off to the visionary and charismatic leadership of Larry Ellison. Someone said it right, God really must not think he’s Larry Ellison!

Oracle has also done its part in corporate social responsibilities – EOE (Equal Opportunities Employer), supporting children and elderly homes, refugee camps, education scholarships, fund raisers, corporate games, blood donation camps, to name a few. Stringent HR policies against racism, harassment, regional or gender bias etc. ensure that the employees are well protected. We have regular trainings. team building exercises – ensuring continuous learning and personality development. I can just go on and on….

My journey at Oracle has been awesome. From the minute I stepped into the Oracle building in Bangalore, I knew this was the beginning of something special. And it was. It really was. Quarters went by, targets came and were blown away, numerous awards and recognition, pay hikes, profiles changes, leadership and mentoring….and whilst on the top, in Sept 07, I decided to change locations! Dubai was a totally different ball game. New dynamics, markets, customers, responsibilities and targets….but it’s not over yet….the game has just begun!!

I feel Oracle is a part of me now. All that I know about corporate life has been what Oracle has shown me, thought me. And regardless what’s lined up next, I know I will always carry a part of Oracle with me.

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