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PDA – hunt and haunt

I’ve decided to buy a PDA.

I’m getting rid of my Nokia E65. No, nothing wrong with the phone. Trust me, it’s great! But it is not serving my purpose, which is connectivity. By connectivity, I mean I want my emails, my calender, my files etc accessible to me 24/7. I spend 3 hrs in the car daily traveling to and fro from work. And on most days, I need to be wired. Having a laptop is ok but again, everytime I need internet on the move, I need to connect it to, yes, my cellphone (which doubles up as a modem). So I decided to modify this chain a bit. From Me -> Cellphone -> Laptop -> Work to Me -> Cellphone -> Work.

Easier said than done. This is going to have repercussions. For starters, big hole in my pocket (PDAs don’t come cheap!!!), angry wife (Imagine sending out a quotation while I am strolling leisurely in the park with my wife), no peace of mind (There’s always going to be some work). Maybe strained eyes too.

And, after much deliberation, I concluded that all of the above are manageable. Have a big commission check coming (Talk about counting my chickens before they hatch!), my wife is a sweetheart (She’ll understand) and about peace of mind, what’s that?? Oh, did somebody say strained eyes as well? Who?!

So, the next step, the million dollar question: Which one do I buy?!?

And this has been haunting me for over 2 weeks now!

5 thoughts on “PDA – hunt and haunt

  1. I’ve been using the E90 communicator for the past 2 weeks now, its easy on the hands (qwerty keyboard) and the eyes due to the large screen and also gives good usage through pop, imap or exchange mails. Hopefully should work well for you.

  2. Is this Varun Chhabra?

    Anyways, I had looked at E90 when I purchased the E65. But this time I want to go for something more stable. Looking to pick up one of O2, HTC and imate. HTC TyTnII is pretty neat. But the screen resolution and weight gives it away.

    • hehe…yeah..and guess what? Just last evening I finally bought a good business phone. Picked up the Nokia E75… 🙂

      My colleague both the 5800 touchscreen. I loved the camera of that phone. He’s been raving about it too.

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