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I flunked my driving test last week. This is a strong enough reason for me to sulk. But guess what? I’m perfectly fine. It was just my first test I tell myself. Nothing to be proud off though.

So, after I flunked, I asked the other 3 guys with me if it was their first tests as well? These are the answers I got:

Seventh, Fourth and Fifth!

I was like…what?!!? They were laughing at me. These guys just flunked yet another driving test and were perfectly cool about it. How? Why? Had they resigned to their fate? Did they know something that I did not? What am I missing?

Anyways, there were four of us in the car and only one guy passed – the guy appearing for his fifth test!

So I think this is going to be a long journey! My next test is now on 4th August. A good one month of nothing before appearing for another test. And all this shit after I fuckin know how to drive!!

Getting a drivers license is a menace in UAE. So much so that there have been reports in the newspapers about it. Take a look at this:


I should take heed from the fact that I am not the only one suffering.

But why is it that this makes me feel better? The thought that there are others out there feeling miserable and helpless after failing to get a drivers license when they need it the most. People who are spending precious dirhams paying for extra classes and test fee. People who have to go through many inconveniences because they cannot legally drive their own fuckin’ cars. People like me.


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