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He’s my dad

I was in his hands when I was taken home from hospital for the first time after my birth. He’s my dad.

He took me to kindergarten for my admission and, when I fell off the slide that day at the playground, he was there to pick me up. He’s my dad.

On my first day at kindergarten, the moment I realized that he was going away, I started crying uncontrollably. I kept crying. And he came back. He couldn’t leave. He’s my dad.

Whenever I missed my school bus, he would drop me to school. And every single time, he would hand me a Dh 1 coin to buy something at the canteen. He made me feel like a king. He’s my dad.

At my first sports meet, he bought me running shoes. Shoes that were pricey and beyond our modest budget. But he still bought them for me. He’s my dad.

Every time I scored good grades in school (specially in Maths), he would smile and look at my proudly. He’s my dad.

When mom went to India for a few weeks, he tried to help me not miss her much. He took me out to my favorite restaurants, to parks, to the arcade, to my friends, he did everything that an eight year old would want. He’s my dad.

When I had undergone a minor surgery, he fainted because I was in pain. He’s my dad.

He helped me through the confused phase of adolescence. He shared his experiences & wisdom with me. He shared his dreams and aspirations with me. He showed me how to talk like a man. He showed me how to walk like a man. He showed me the difference between right and wrong. He’s my dad.

At my first step of success, class 10 board exam results, he was with me, next to me, while I saw my grades. He’s my dad.

He supported my interest in sports, pushed me to go for training and just weeks before my class 12 board exams, allowed me to participate at the national sports meet in India. He paid for my ticket and expenses despite the extreme financial crisis that we were in. He’s my dad.

The day I left home for college, he cried. And cried each time he entered my room and would not find me there. He’s my dad.

For four years, he fulfilled my every single need and desire without a question. His greatest dream was to see me as an engineer. And he did. He’s my dad.

He let me choose my career and, without second thoughts, let me go away again for my MBA. He came to the airport and cried seeing me leave. He’s my dad.

When I got my first job offer through campus, he was the first person I called. His joy knew no bounds. He’s my dad.

On my first day at work, I called him to take his blessings. He wished me loads of professional success, growth and prosperity. I have not run out of those wishes yet. He’s my dad.

The day I got my first salary, he said he was very proud of me. He’s my dad.

When I got back from Dublin last December, he hugged me and told me that he had never missed me more than he did over the last 2 weeks. He’s my dad.

But the truth is, I am more proud of him. I am proud to be his son. Proud to carry his name after my name. Proud to call him my dad.

It’s his birthday today. Happy Birthday, Dearest Dad.

Thank you for making me the man I am today. Thank you for everything.


4 thoughts on “He’s my dad

  1. May Allah bestow on him a long, healthy life filled with happiness and contentment that he rightly deserves. Always keep his presence, his blessings and him over us. Ameen.


  2. I am reading it today, and you have made me cry.

    I loved your post about your son, and now this post about your dad shows where you learnt to feel this way …

    He came back because he couldn’t leave you crying… I wish more parents were like your dad. And sharing his wisdom and experiences, fainting because he couldn’t bear to see you in pain!

    Your dad’s birthday is in July, he’s a Cancerian… do you know they are known to be the most loving parents in the zodiac?

    • Yeah, even he was crying when he read this. This is amongst my favorite posts.

      Cancerians are the most loving? That’s good and bad. Good coz my dad is one and bad because I am not one.

      Thanks 🙂

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