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Aimlessly going through some old emails, I suddenly noticed a year old email lying in my sent items. One look at it and tons of fantastic memories came rushing back to me of my days in Oracle Bangalore. This is what that email contained:

“With eleven new hires we started, towards millions we darted,
Nobody else would have dared it, coz nobody else would have nerved it,
With just quarters three and four, eleven million in revenue galore,
Brightest among all superstars, step aside for BI-ZARS!”

I wrote this citation last year when my team was nominated for the ‘Superstar Team of the Year’ award. In two quarters that we were operational, we closed more business than 15 other teams that had worked all year long. Our team spirit was uncrushable, team work nonpareil. We called ourselves Team BI-ZAR (Logic behind the name – Business Intelligence cZARs (Our product line was Business Intelligence) and by BIZAR we really meant ‘bizarre’). Truly a superstar team.

Here’s a snap of the team during one of our ‘bizar’ moments

Oh, and did I tell you we won the award?


12 thoughts on “Team BI-ZAR

  1. Yes…wonderful those times were. “Simply exciting…” will be how I would describe Bi-Zar team. Who can forget those Manic Monday’s n Thurki Thursdays’…;)

  2. those were wonderful days… Mamu ka gyan session… wo team dinners .. wo piping of Opps…

    I was fun… I really miss our team… Sometimes feel that life ka replay button daba ke edit kar dun sab kucth and live that time opnce again.

  3. Oh…..those days were really amazing…I was actually lucky enough to be hired for this team and anytime will be ready to work together with them..Team dinners and the attitude we carried around…we were undeniable’s…Especially the chat rooms we used have and the Quarter ends…thts kind of funny…we made the whole org look small in front of us…Overall we were really Bizarre’s

  4. Oooooooooooohhhhh.. I get nostalgic a bit.. 108 days at OD with AB in BI… that says it all :)… truly truly memorable.. and most importantly we learnt what ‘swagger’ is about.. definitely the best on the floor and we deserved it.. 3 cheers to Bizars…

  5. Oh yes. Tharki Thursday and our Tharkiness were the highlights of our team! So much so that no girl ever ventured near our team…specially near Alex!

  6. Yes guys,Its still the same situation,tharkiness continues.
    How can I forget those wonderful times when WE JUST LIVED TO RULE.

  7. BI ZAR… Kingdom with 11 kings… all bloody tharkis with no raanis or daasis….I patiently waited for 2 months to join this team and some how held my nerves and suffered my stay with @#$%# …..masood knows what I am talking abt 🙂 and others can easily guess… my first day in BI started with AB’s words ” Amit this is where you can go all out and maximise your potential . I give you the freedom” then the team meeting where i could sense the uneasiness in faces of few ppl …who the hell is this guy and y is AB and masood so open to him…finally our pyara teli muchhad asked …aayan who is this guy… 🙂 …there are so many thing to talk about …. Mr kawali’s love lisa …Alsex’s distant gay lover( I am not able to recall his field reps name…was it walter???) and ofcourse Kashi(name changed for safety reasons) ….Vidit and his questions… man i still fear them….Batra always motivating himself up …Sutish’s Smile …. girl who used to peep at mr john’s john… deff selva …selva …SELVAAA…and then after 10 odd attempts you get an answer …ya da…. Pawan and his that PDF report…man i was about to kill him for that cos AB wanted us to create similar reports for our set of accounts ….guys still in OD if you recall that then go and kick his butt. Masood … the revenue puller and nonveg lover ….man credit for my extra 10KG mostly goes to masood and Aayan. those firnis …roles …kairali restaurants ..MTR … Appam and chicken steu… yumm. BI days also included some other important events in our lives I got married masood got engaged…Vidit ran away with his wife ..batra ji becoming sadhu baba in art of living Alsex purchased new house in Pune. Murali got promoted..Aayan became father….to name few… man I feel i an write a book on my BI days ….but gtg take care guys ..lets plan to meed some day ..may be in goa and relive our days …what say …lets do it man ..i am already excied about this Idea…

  8. The decision to take on BI was very difficult…I was running a well oiled engine..and leaving that for an unknown venture was something many people would have refused.

    That was the basis of my passion.Succeed where no one did, do it with people who I believed in -not what the org. thought about them.

    I ‘d take lots of pangas with with my seniors,but I can gladly say most of my predictions came true.

    Each one you had a special skill
    and I feel the team composition was just right.

    Fire in the belly…meant hitting Lazeez,being focused meant looking at beauties,forecasting meant ordering more food in advance.

    All in all – we were like this comet, we showed the world if you want it badly – you can get it.

    So three cheers to all of you…!

  9. Wow! Amit, you’ve really taken us down memory lane. But I think no comment is justified untill we mention the great Shyam ‘Whycouldnt’! I can never forget that fella, his questions and the look of his face when he did not understand my answers!!!!

    AB – Zillion credits to you for pitting us together and bringing the best out of us! Cheers to you!!!

  10. oh man..some major bonding there..looks like days after i left OD were even better…
    hey do u have the brilliant video AB made?? y dont u upload that with a snippet of the mail he had sent…that will be fun..

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