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What’s in a name?

Quite a bit, I think. But my problem is not with my name. Frankly, I just love it. True.

Plenty of reasons why:

1. I like the meaning. Masood means lucky, fortunate, happy. And I am.
2. I like the significance. My grandfather’s name was Masood. I was born right after he expired. And he was a great man. (May his soul rest in peace). Also, Masood was one of our holy Prophet’s (PBUH) companion’s name.
3. I like the uniqueness. In 27 years, I know of just 1 more guy named Masood. Ofcourse, come across the name on TV or the internet a bit.
4. I like the simplicity. Simple. Six alphabets. Not too big. Not too small. Easy to pronounce I thought. But not the case.

And that is what I don’t like. People not pronouncing my name properly. On last count, there are about 6-7 different ways:

1. Ma-su-d (The right way. My way)
2. Mas-ou-d (The Arabic way. Probably the technically correct pronunciation)
3. Ma-sue-de (The American way)
4. Ma-suuuud (The people-with-a-lot-of-time-to-call-out-a-name way)
5. Mah-su-d (The African way)
6. Ma-soor (Yes!!! With the ‘r’)
7. Mohammad or Mansoor (People have. Very nice names but hello…not my name!)

And why do I write about this? Someone called me ‘Masoor’ today, again.

6 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. I shud b called out as Ru-hi-na, not Ro-hi-na and there was an arabic teacher at skool who took great pride in calling me Ro-hai-na.

    likewise, i am most commonly called out as Rohini, Rovina, Romana, even Raveena!!

  2. there is a lot in my name…a simple 2 alphabet name and don’t even get me started on what all pronunciations i have heard so far…

  3. Ruhi – A lot of people over the years have called you Ro-hi-na. But can’t blame them…that’s what it is spelled out as. I think we made a mistake from day 1 in spelling your name. All along, I think it should have been Ruhina.

    Iya – Comon, this could be fun. Share the different pronunciations….

  4. I have always wondered how all the Mohammad’s in this world would distinguish themselves from each other. I know it is very holy name but I imagine sometimes it might be difficult being in a party with most of your friends bearing the same name!

  5. @MW – Mohammad, in most cases, is not used as a name to call someone out. It is usually accompanied by a second name or the last name. Again for obvious reasons. After all, it holds the record for the most common name on the planet.

    @Kislay – Yes, I’ve never heard the name ‘Kislay’ before! So I can imagine how innovative people can get when pronouncing the name 😀

    Glad you dropped by. Keep visiting 🙂

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