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Back to work

Time out is over and I am back to work on a typical Monday morning. Tired, sleepy and bored. Boo.

Weekend was fun. Doha is not too different from Dubai. Traffic, erratic driving, luxury cars, corniche, food joints, malls, humidity & buildings to sum it all up. We spent most of our time indoors during the day waiting for the evenings before stepping out. Out here in any Gulf city, be it Dubai or Doha or Manama, stepping outdoors is either going to one of the umpteen malls or to the movies or to the beach or eat out or spend time in the car commuting between places. We visited the malls and ate out. Too hot for the beach. Not interested in wasting 3 hours inside a movie hall. Commute was OK. We almost ended up slamming our car into a SUV. We did hit but only just. No apparent damage to either cars, except a few scratches, so no one really bothered to call the cops. All’s well that ends well. Overall, it was a good, fun weekend.

Now that I am back to work, this week is important for me. I am expecting 3 big orders to book this week. If all goes well, and I so wish it does, I will be at 200% of my numbers. This would be my first real good quarter since in joined Oracle Dubai. Gone are the days when my achievement was never in the hundreds. It was always in thousands. Don’t believe me? OK, here are a few numbers:

Dec 06 – Feb 07: Achieved 2712% of my target
Mar – May 07: 1387%
Jun – Aug 07: 1801%

Big numbers right? Even bigger commission cheques I assure you. These were the numbers I wooed my interviewers with before starting with this job. Now wait till I mention my numbers since I moved here:

Sept – Nov 07: 25.1%
Dec – Feb 08: 32%
Mar – May 08: 42.3%

Pathetic I know. That’s why this week is important for me. This is my chance at redemption.

2 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. Hey King Mas… welcome to the real world 🙂 Grass used to be green the other side… but now we have come to know it was not grass the other it was a artificial turf 😉 I am sure you will do good this quarter.. What ever closes we will clap for u.. the sound of claps might be little less but it will be there.. 🙂 CHEERS..!!

  2. Ha…those were the days!

    Remember AB’s golden words – ‘Grass is always toxic on the other side’ 😉

    Good to see you here. Keep visiting. 🙂

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