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Money, Moolah, Bucks, Dough or Cash

I just realized something today. And it got me worried.

For the last 5-6 months, all I do all month is wait for 25th of that month. Why? That’s my pay-day. Doesn’t matter what day of the month it is. I just wait for 25th. Period.

And while on my way to work this morning, I was doing just that. Glanced at my watch to see what date it is today, quick calculation and, all of a sudden, it struck me: Is this what I do all month? Wait for the 25th? Yes, subconsciously &, even consciously, that’s what I do. Why do I do that? What am I gaining? But what really got my concerned was: What am I possibly loosing out on?

I have no recollection of how time flew these last 6 months. I was so preoccupied waiting for something in the future to happen that I completely ignored what really was happening. I was secretly wishing for time to go by quickly. This never happened to me while working in Bangalore. I only waited for my pay-day if, and only if, there was a big commission expected. Like once in 3 or 6 months. Not every month. This is disturbing.

Money does make our heart smaller and life less meaningful. Unless we do something about it. This has to change. I have to change.

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