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Dubai Driving License – Part 2

I failed my third driving test today. It’s actually no big deal. It is just my third test.

Since the last month and a half or so, there has been some changes. I’ve changed my driving school. After my last experience with them, I’d had enough. I am now with Belhasa. Also, I’ve moved from Manual to Automatic transmission. About Belhasa, they have lesser administrative processes but they charge about 50% higher though. The number of classes between tests is also more, 12 instead of 8. So again, more expenses. But it is closer to work. And things move fast.

Either ways, I still flunked.

Maybe I am a bit too desperate. Should just let it happen at its own sweet pace. Like nature, some things cannot be tampered with.

So, note to self: A driver’s license is not the only thing that matters. Watch the sunset instead.


3 thoughts on “Dubai Driving License – Part 2

  1. Amit must read this 🙂
    BTW – A very Happy B’day to you!!
    besides watching sunset, do enjoy the first Bday with iram, i guess.

  2. hey happy birthday…and sorry about ur flunking the test AGAIN….
    guess what.. i have started driving…enjoying the independence of going around by my self…

  3. Tara – Thanks. Yes, my first bday with Iram. 🙂
    Btw, Amit once asked how easy is it to get a license. I made him read my earlier posts. Sooner or later, he will read this one too!

    Iya – India is way too cool man. Pay 2k to an agent and get a license. Or, even if you don’t want to pay, just drive! I wish I could do that here. Thanks for the bday wishes 🙂

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