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Happy budda…err birthday to me!

I’ve turned 27 today. It is quite an ideal age I think – not too old, not too young. Just about perfect. Every day from now is going to be a step towards really getting old. Till today, I never felt I was growing old nor did I ever feel old. I don’t today as well. But I know next year, I won’t be feeling the same. Next year, I will feel older. But then, why worry about something that is invariably going to happen unless ofcourse the Almighty has other plans!

So I am thinking. What should I be doing this year that I know I won’t be able to do next year or the year after? I always believed that there is a time for everything and, whatever has to happen, happens at exactly that time. My dad told me something a few years back that I could never forget: “Waqt se pehle, aur kismat se zayada, kuch nahi milta” (I can’t come up with a satisfactory translation for this. Sorry about that). So it’s my job to figure out the right time. I will be doing more of that introspection this year.

It’s my first birthday with my wife. We have had a memorable and fantastic last 8 months of companionship. Thanks for everything, Love. I miss my closest friends today. All who matter have either called or emailed in person with wishes. Thanks guys. I am with my family today and that is a blessing I can’t be thankful enough for. So here’s a BIG thank you to one and all.
(I wrote this on 29/9 but did not get a chance to post it. Putting it up today on 1/10)

(Mysteriously the posting date still shows 29/9)

2 thoughts on “Happy budda…err birthday to me!

  1. oyee. wat u talking? years after 27 are not called being old.. let me assure u:) didnt u ever hear age doesn’t make one old or young? not at least till ur health is fine.
    So here’s wishing you again happy healthy times ahead.

  2. hehe, did I touch a sensitive cord 😉 well, yes I agree, age is something only for the mind. If your mind feels young, then there is no growing old.

    Thanks for the wishes 🙂

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