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Jagjit Singh – WOW

Breath-taking. Spellbound. Mesmerized. Out. Of. This. World.

That’s all I can say after attending Jagjit Singh’s concert on Friday night. No wonder the man is a living legend. For close to three hours, we didn’t know what hit us. He had us possessed.

And what do I tell about his troop! The jugalbandi was mind blowing. Sameer Upadhya at the tabla and Deepak Pandit on the violin had us gasping for breath. And, if this was not enough, the surprise package of the evening was Nithin on the flute. I think God was listening. And just when we thought we’d seen enough, how about a jugalbandi between the three? What more, even Agni on the synthesizer decides to join in. Absolutely unbelievable. This was the highlight of the evening!!!

Some all time great gazals like ‘Woh kagaz ki kashti’, ‘Huzoor aap kabhi’, ‘Hosh walon ko khabar’, ‘Mein nashien mei hun’ and ‘Hazaron khwaheshien aise’ to some foot tapping punjabi gazals, he had us under his spell all along.

Before the concert, I was wondering what excited me more – the concert or the hotel? But we have a winner hands down!

2 thoughts on “Jagjit Singh – WOW

  1. the man is actually good.. i have missed his concert twice in bangalore…both the times i was out…and couldnt hate the timing more.. this is when the organisers are very dear friends and Aman was sitting in the first Row !!!!

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