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A few thousand years ago, Nuh (as known in Islam) or Noah (in Christianity), on instructions from God, built an ark (a big boat) and together with his family, some followers and with one male and one female representative of all animals on the planet, boarded the ark and set assail. God, too upset on mankind’s sinful ways, had decided to flood the earth and punish all those who were left behind. They sailed for 5-6 months before the waters receded and finally saw land. With no human alive, they were the source for all post-flood humanity.

Interesting, isn’t it? That is not my purpose. The reason why I write this today is because ARK can be used in one more context – Acts of Random Kindness. When I heard about this (and this I did while watching the movie ‘Evan Almighty’), it really got me thinking.

We talk about change. We talk about the world, the country, our workplace, the government or the people or even ourselves. But are never the ones who are the catalyst for that change. We just talk and talk and talk. And if someone does stand up, there are thousands to pull him down (sometimes literally). So how do we influence change? Aren’t we too small or too minuscule in comparison to the larger scheme of things? Who is going to notice? And despite taking efforts, is anything really going to change? The answer lies in ARK.

ARK does not require you to be in a position of power to change things. All you need to do is one random act, one small deed, one gesture per day. How about not breaking traffic laws for a day? Or throwing the wrapper of that chocolate bar in the trash rather than on the road or, as you walk in or out of work, greeting all security guards you see that day. The list can be endless.

And goodness can be infectious. You never know who you may be inspiring.


One thought on “ARK

  1. Couldnt agree more…and i too recently wrote about somthing similar though i wasnt aware of the “ARK” but my intent was the same…

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