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Dubai Driving License – Part 4 (The End)


I couldn’t believe my ears. Had I become so paranoid that my ears were ringing with what I wanted to hear? How could this happen? How could I, me, Masood Salem, pass the great Dubai driving test?

But pass I did. And that too with style. Not one remark on my assessment sheet. Too the extent that the examiner even complimented on my drive.

Why wouldn’t he – I was the first guy to pass today!

This is the hardest I ever had to fight for something. Seriously. Nothing had eluded me so much in my life. And hence this ‘victory’ (Yes, I would call this a victory by all means!) is all the more sweeter.

So, this finally is the last ‘episode’ of my driving license saga. Part 4 – The conclusion. The grand finale. The End.



9 thoughts on “Dubai Driving License – Part 4 (The End)

  1. Too quick!!…. ur degree of delight is deservingly dere..obvious!
    calls for a party – in the form of a long drive when i m there 🙂 deal??

  2. O man. Your story lacks tears. To add tears, you should take a Sharjah Visa and end up like me. They told me its 1.5 years minimum to get the pass test in the first go!! It is generally 2 years.
    I can become an airliner pilot in 8-9 months. dont you just love these people?

  3. Iya – You bet!

    Anoop – Man, I seriously feel sorry for you. I thought the folks at Dubai are cruel. But 2 yrs is insane. And yes, I did cry. I cried blood! I’m just glad it’s all over now. Phew.

  4. today even you pics on orkut and gtalk have a brighter smile… wish me luck its my turn now ….here i come RTA Dubai ..the driver who might go and sit on the right seat of the car on the first test.

  5. Ruhi – Yeah baby! Let’s paint the town red.

    Amit – LOL. Now it’s my turn to laugh. Reckon you start a blog to narrate your story as well. Or is Tara upto it?

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