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Before and After

Friday is a public holiday here in UAE. I go to work on Friday and take Sunday off. Since it is a holiday, I don’t have any arrangement to travel. This is what I did to get to work for more than a year on a Friday, before I got my driving license.


7.15 am: Wake up on yet another Friday morning.
7.50 am: Catch a cab from my appartment to the bus stand.
8.00 am: Board the bus or shared taxi to Dubai.
9.20 am: As we approach Dubai Internet City (my office), I ask the driver to drop me off on the highway.
9.22 am: Either wait for a cab or start walking into the underpass that helps me cross the road. No pedestrian crossing. Have to walk along the road for 20 min.
9.45 am: Login in work.
12. 00 pm. Friday prayers. No cabs at this time around this area. Start walking from office for 2 km to the closest Masjid.
12.35 pm: Reached. Pray.
1.05 pm: Lots of cabs here.
1.10 pm: Back to office.
5.30 pm: Getting ready to head back home. Either some kind soul comes from home to pick me up or step out and walk 1o min, by jumping a wall, and head to the highway.
5.40 pm: Buses don’t stop. Ask for lift. Avg waiting time: 1 hour.
6.45 pm: Someone finally stops. Get a ride home.
8.00 pm: Get down at bus stand. Take a cab.
8.15 pm: Back home, finally!


Wake up. Get ready. Step into the car. Drive to work. Work. Step back in to the car. Drive back home. Period.

Blissful! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Ruhi – Me too! 🙂

    Iya – What is so narcissist about this? 😉

    Tara – Yes, but again, it’s only for a few weeks! And it looks like your hubby is about to crack a good tenancy contract. So things are bound to improve once you get here.

    Sankritya – It was crazy! Glad that it’s over now. How are things with you? Dropping by after a long time!

  2. Salaam dude…..lookin gr8 driving……
    Congrats once again……
    And one more soul gets thru the tortures of the Dubai Driving License charade!!
    U think I can trust my life with u behind d wheel??? 😛

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