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Believe it or not

If I say that I lost 8 kg in 30 days, how many of you are going to believe me? Believe it or not, it is true. 30 days of diet control, brisk exercise and lots of drinking water and here I am – 8 kg lighter.

But coming to the more serious part, why did I have to loose that much weight? That’s coz I was, not 8 but actually 18 kg over weight!!! I swear! I know, my height hides most of the weight but according to my BMI, I need to be atleast 18 kg lighter. Thanks to my post-marriage laziness, ice-cream-doughnuts-muffins-desserts indulgence, culinary skills of folks at home and, ofcourse, the KFCs and Burger Kings of the world!

So, with 2 inches off the waist and 8 kg lighter, let me tell you how it feels! It feels like a job half done. Boo. Yes, don’t want to rest on my laurels now. We are on a roll, people!

Finally, I can hope of fitting in that CK trouser. Finally!

I will check back again in 30 days with another update. Oh, and how did I do it? Atkins baby, Atkins! (www.atkins.com)



5 thoughts on “Believe it or not

  1. 🙂 Keep it up baby! keep it up.
    i liked the determination and confidence with which u start this series after the driving liscence one.

    & i will also add here to say – good prep in the welcome of someone special 😉 all the best!

  2. Good for you man . Even I need to shed around 6-8 kgs of fat and gain 2-4 of muscle ! But I am a sucker for soda,chocolate and non-veg food, so I guess it will take a lot of will power .

  3. Tara – Someone else was also getting inspired by my diet but was not able to keep it going for more than one meal :p

    Ruhi – Yeah!!!

    Iya – Sure. But you got to be a ‘meat’oholic for this. Can you do it?

    Kislay – 6-8 kg is like pocket change dude. You won’t know if its even there. Chill. Worry only if it goes above 10! 😉

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