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Mamta vs Obama

Mamta Banerjee has said that she is the Obama of India!


(More silence and trying to keep a straight face)

Couldn’t hold it any longer and I burst out laughing! This was was most hilarious piece of news I’ve heard since Obama got elected or even since the day he decided to run for office.

Mamta Banerjee comparing herself with Barack Obama.

(Another bout of hysterical laugher)

What are these freakin politicians thinking? Or do they even think? Clearly, they don’t. But that’s a well known fact. So what made this lady call herself the Obama of India? (I still can’t take that smirk off my face) And what more, who all believed her? I am prepared to be shocked. After this, I think I can take anything!

Not to be one-sided, isn’t it too early for any comparisons? I mean, Obama has not even taken office yet. He has just promised. Only time will tell. Can he really open 2.5 million jobs next year or in the next 2 years? Will he take troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan? On education (No-child-left-behind reform and cheaper education), Environment (Investments in alternative fuels, reduced dependence on Middle East oil, More green jobs etc), Healthcare (Put things back together from the tatters left by the Bush administration), Taxes (Proposed tax cut and tax relief) and Women (His proposed policies against women inequalities)? Is he going to live up to all this?

It’s all too early to tell. As for Mrs. Banerjee, I’d really be interested to learn how she plans to be the Indian Obama!!!

4 thoughts on “Mamta vs Obama

  1. Yes it’s too early, but there is something about obama that screams out saying that he will be very good in that office. I have a very strong feeling he will be one of the best Presidents US has seen in the past few decades…

  2. Politics doesn't interest me much but ur posts and Obama both are a pleasant change..

    & me still rofl 😀 on ur narration of Mamta's claim..

  3. Yes now time has come for which made us wait to comment further Bengal feels there are similarities between both again I say people would agree within next three months.

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