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Mumbai Attacks and Politics

The Mumbai terror attacks, despite being tragic for all those who lost their lives, also stinks. It stinks of a very large political scandal that seems to overshadow all the obvious evidences (read: planted evidences). There has to be more to this story that just a handful of 20 year olds walking into Mumbai and wrecking havoc. Doesn’t it sound too naive?

Or is it just a coincidence that the men who was on the verge of uncovering the real masterminds behind the Malegaon blasts gets martyred (read: ASSASSINATED). For the first time, we had some evidence of political motives and politicians behind attacks and not just Islamic fundamentalists or Jihadis. Who were they going to unmask? But it’s all lost now. Is anyone talking about Malegaon now?

So who was really behind these attacks? Yes, the LET did this. But who ‘sponsored’ them? Some evidence points to the Musad due to attacks on Jews. Could be possible? But if it was Musad, wouldn’t the terrorists have completely wiped out Nariman House? Why is it that the terrorists kept hostages and did not come up with a single demand? Couldn’t they have traded the lives of the hostages with their own? Why didn’t they even try? And why is it that only 1 terrorist was ‘left’ alive? Obviously, they needed someone to tell the story. And here is a pic of the guy ‘they’ left alive.

Look closely. See any thing similar in these two pictures? Just an observation but worth a thought. The second snap was taken during the Godhra aftermaths.

I think Nariman House was just a divert. Likewise for all other places. Their main targets were Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kale and Vijay Salazar amongst others. The motive was to prove the inefficiencies of the central government and to make terrorism the main subject of the next elections. The idea was to scare the hell out of every Indian and, in the process, save their asses. I think this plot was hatched in India, by Indian politicians and for political motives. The timing couldn’t be better, isn’t it? Or is all this again just a coincidence?

Do we want another war? Hell, NO! But where is all this pointing to? Who are going to be worst affected? India and Indian citizens. Hindus and Muslims alike. At what cost? And for what reason? For one political party trying to topple another and come to power. What are they going to promise this time? Education for all, better healthcare, lower taxes, better foreign policy, greener India, more jobs? I bet it’s gonna be none of this.

This is politics and it stinks.

Also read what fellow blogger Priyanka wrote on the same subject. I couldn’t agree more.


7 thoughts on “Mumbai Attacks and Politics

  1. its really disgusting! hurts to see the way everyone is reacting to this a heinous act..nothing gets done actually.. only talks n talks n some more talks… and everything dies its own death. Politics is beyond my mind. how about everyone just deciding on these 2?
    -pay no tax
    -use “49-O” to vote none

  2. Kislay – This was done by LET. No doubting that. What I want to question is: Who are the real masterminds behind this? LET and who else? Why is it that politically also all this falls into place?

    Tara – Yes. I agree. No taxes. But what is 49-0?

    Ankit – That’s always been the case.

  3. It cannot be more than a co-incidence . Because it is not the first time India has suffered at the hands of Pakistan . And the masterminds are those who want to bleed this country to make it like their own .

  4. Wow. It didn’t know something like this existed. Wonder why it is not exercised more often. But in a democracy like ours, were almost all candidates are tainted politicians, we will never be able to find the right candidate to lead the nation. So till when do we keep rejecting? But I do love the idea of rejecting the entire constituency. Will send the right message across to these dimwits!!!

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