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I met Shaheen today

It is 3.15 am and I am unable to sleep. The reason for this is because I met Shaheen (name changed) today. Let me tell you about her.

Shaheen is 25 years old, married for 8 months and, if I am not wrong, is pregnant. She was originally based out of a small district close to Hyderabad called Nizamabad. She is beautiful, energetic, has a sharp sense of humor and is a wonderful human being. She is religious and believes in the oneness of God. She has 1 elder sister and 1 younger brother. A loving husband and in-laws. She was currently living in Mumbai.

I met her today at her ‘Dusvan’ (Tenth). Exactly 10 days from today, she was one of the 200 odd victims killed in the Mumbai terror attacks. I spent 3 hours at her house with her family and relatives mourning her death. Her husband is still admitted in J J Hospital with 4 bullet wounds.

Shaheen died saving a 4 year old girl. When the gun fire broke out, the little girl ran towards the noise thinking they are firecrackers bursting close by. Shaheen ran behind the little girl and managed to pull her to the ground but not before a bullet went right through her neck. She was dead on the spot.

I have never met Shaheen before. I never knew her or her family before today. But I felt compelled to give her a visit to offer my prayers for her soul and my condolences to her family.

What kind of justice is this? Why did Shaheen have to die? What was her fault? That she was trying to save a little girl? or that she was present at that very train station at that ill-fated time? Why is she not with us today? Didn’t she have a right to live, to have her babies, to see them grow old, to grow old herself?

Terrorism is not permitted in Islam. Killing innocent people is not permitted in Islam. These so called Jihadis or Islamic fighters (Not sure if they really are the ones behind this because I seriously doubt it) are going against the very principle of the religion – ‘Peace’. They don’t even know who all they killed – Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews? Could they differentiate? Which religion permits you to kill innocent people? For sure, Islam does not.

Innocent people died last week for no reason at all. I was with the family of one such victim today. I am never going to forget this night. She is a hero – a real unsung hero. May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

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