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Travel, Work & Award

I am back to work today after a short ‘working’ vacation. Yes, I am a sucker at this. Not one day went by with me not checking or answering my email, prepare proposals for clients or get into conference calls. Somehow, and thanks to Murphy’s law for this, I feel that all my clients or team or my manager needs me or my assistance while I’m away. So be it. Here I was in the process of closing serious business, while having home-made Gulab Jamuns and mouth-watering mutton biryani at my in-laws. Such is life. But no complaints. I love every minute of it.

And so it was a pleasant surprise to find an award waiting for me when I got back. No no, not for my work silly, but, yes, for my blog! My first. I am honored. And who else but Iya to hand me this one.

It is called the Butterfly Award. And I am so proud to have it on my blog. So thanks a lot, Iya, for giving me this honor. I am ecstatic.

Now, I don’t know if we are supposed to pass this on or simply bask in its glory. But if I have to, I’d like to give it to Iya again. (Can we even do this? Re-award someone! If not, then let this be a first too)
I’d also like to give this to Priyanka whose blog is the reason why I have a blog today.
And lastly, but definitely not the least, to Tara who has a lovely carefree way of writing.

I feel good.


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