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Mallu Discount

We coined this new term yesterday. No offense to all the mallus out there but just couldn’t help ourselves. Come stay in the gulf and you’ll know what I mean.

Anyways, we (me and Amit) went to watch Ghajini last night. Decent-to-good movie I’d say despite the whole world going gaga over the movie and Aamer’s performance. Why I say this is because of the so-called ‘Mallu Discount’ factor. So what is Mallu Discount?

Mallu Discount is nothing but the South factor. Let me explain. Indian cinema defies logic – all genres inclusive. Even the most realistic of movies seem to make no sense at times. There are exceptions but I am speaking of the vast overwhelming majority. Singing & dancing around trees, fight scenes, romance, acting (read: overacting), larger-than-life characters, item numbers, cleavage & finally climax (no, not that one!) – these are all the essential elements of Indian movies. Put this all together and you have a masala bollywood flick. Multiply this by a factor of 10 and you have a masala ‘south’ movie (Pot-bellied actors added to the list!). This south factor is what I call ‘The Mallu Discount”.

So while watching Aamer pull off some absolutely nonsensical stunts last night, I turned to Amit and frustratingly remarked, “Kya horaha hai yeh sab? Kuch bhi kya!” (What’s all this? Anything?) And in his typical quick wit he replies, “Chod na yaar. South ki picture ka remake hai. Mallu discount de de!” (Let it be. Remake of a South movie. Give some mallu discount!).

We both burst out laughing. The movie suddenly became more tolerable to the extent that I ended up saying to my bro, who had tickets for the next show, that it was a decent movie. Definitely worth a watch.

Mallu discount helps.

7 thoughts on “Mallu Discount

  1. Only Pun intended..

    maainennd itta . Its naat funny beeyeng a mallu . Rajani appa is one ouf the most faemus khaarecter in jhapan becaus aaf his stunta.

    The best wey i caan define the ghajani is its lagical obscurity….

    You have typical intense hero with dream ghirl type heroine who is good to ebhery body and hero is faimus kharecter still noo baady knows him. aayioo ..too macch maccha.

    Lagical …
    If you need to phull the aadience then you need the chaarishmaa of aamir .

    Hatss off to him for his effort maccha what abs.and what facial expression.
    and good story (in nut shell) butt sthill needs to be bitt sane caad its looks bit aad when aamit (5.4 Ft) pulls and throws the villen (6.2 ft roughly) in air jusst like that …
    you need to give mallu discount to digest that.

  2. Amit – I just can’t wait to hear it the way you wrote it. But we face this accent every day, isn’t it?

    yanna Rascalla, maainddd itta !! 😉

    Ruhi – Yup!! 😀

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