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What a start

A ‘new’ year, as the word new implies, is supposed to be…err..new! A new beginning full of new hopes, new dreams and promises of something better…..or worse?

My new year started like any other day or month or year. But it was on the 2nd day of this year that had some excitement in store.

It was 6.40 am and I was obviously sound asleep. I woke up at some voices. There was someone in my room. It was my brother. So deep in slumber was I that instead of asking him if he needed something, I ended up asking, “What are you doing here?”. Rude. That moment my sis from the living room yelled out, ‘ Check out. Someone finally woke up!”. Are these guys crazy? It’s a weekend for Christ’s sake. I could hear my dad and mom as well. I live in a zoo. Period.

Someone then asked me to touch the floor. Zoo for sure!!! They ask again. What the hell. I give up. And reach down for the floor. My hand gets submerged in water. Entirely! Oops. Did I start sleepwalking? What was I doing in my bathroom?

I look around. This is my room. Quickly, I sit up and look around the room and there was water everywhere. Our entire house was completely filled up with water. Not an inch of dry space. Apparently, a pipe burst in the bathroom and it flooded the house. All hands were on ‘deck’ clearing the water. I pulled up my pajamas and joined the war cry.

“Zor lagage ke, haisha,
Jeetenge hum, haisha”

Took us close to 6 hrs just to get rid of the flowing water. It’s gonna take days to dry up completely. My room was the worst affected. Our flat apparently, and thanks to the masons, is sloped backwards towards the right, where my room is located. It’s a disaster. We had to dismantle the entire bedroom set and take it out. Thoughts of discarding the (so called new) carpet came to mind but then we thought of giving it a shampoo first and checking it out. Had the shampoo guys over yesterday. They actually had to give the final shampoo with dettol to get rid of the water smell. Assured us 90% dryness. We are waiting for it to completely dry before moving back the furniture. Our new Persian rug is lying outside the flat. Not sure what the hell are we supposed to do with it. All electric connections & electronic appliances are dead (except the wi-fi which we managed to keep running! :P). All in all, right now, our house is in tatters and stinking. And I don’t have a room!

What a start to the year!


3 thoughts on “What a start

  1. Should I say ‘wow! must be a fun scene’ or show sympathy..
    with all my sincere ‘awwwwws’ n ‘oh no!’s’, i am still tempted to say “WHAT A START” hehe..
    And with your “It’s gonna take days to dry up completely” and “My room was the worst affected”, u succeed in bringing out the tragic effect in typical media ishtyle.. loved reading it.

    But wi-fi bach gaya haieen?? 😛

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