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Main Kab Saas Banungi

Misleading title, isn’t it? Don’t worry. I am not that desperate. Definitely not to be a ‘saas’ (mother-in-law). So am I then going through a mid-life identity crisis? Nope. Well…

Main Kab Saas Banungi (MKSB) is a show currently televised on Sab TV. Now, why would I even bother to know the existence of said serial, specially with the word ‘saas’ in it? As if the ‘K’s were already not enough! Well, last evening, after I got back home, I turned on the TV and was onto my usual channel surfing, when my mom walked in the living room and asked me to switch to Sab TV. That’s my cue to hand her the remote and get my ass out of there! But I decided to stay on. I wanted to find out why millions are hooked onto these endless, useless, senseless saas-bahu sagas. (For the record, my mom is not one of them!)

And I was in for a pleasant shock! MKSB was nothing like the dreaded Ks. This is one hell of a funny comedy series on the relationship between three generations of saas and bahus. No backbiting, no vamps, no scheming, no revenge, no extra marital affairs, no coming-back-from-the-dead stunts, no rebirths, no dramatics, no crap, no no.

On the contrary, this show encourages family values. The bonding between saas and bahus is represented in loving yet mischievous & comic ways. Brings to fact that all saas-bahu relationships are not strained. There are happy families out there who are living amicably together. This series shows the positive side of the relationship. And is funny.

Much needed refreshing change from the utterly disgusting shows that run on national television at prime time. Hats off to Deepti Bhatnagar for coming out with this concept. We need more of this than the K trash by that Ekta whatever.

I don’t promise to follow MKSB regularly. More of a HBO-ESPN kinda guy. But wouldn’t mind switching to Sab TV every now and then.


3 thoughts on “Main Kab Saas Banungi

  1. hey the serial sure is hilarious and cute at the same time. youcan catch upthe videos of the sab tv serials on my blogs or myPOPKORN.com

    btw did u know that you are the first google search result when someone types “main kab saas”! congrats!

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