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Life and Death

I’m sitting in the Jet airways waiting lounge at Mumbai domestic airport. Still have another 20 minutes before my boarding starts. It’s been a tough day coz I saw something for the first time in my life. And it was not pleasant. Scared the living daylights out of me. I saw a man dying today!

Just as I got through immigration at Dubai airport, there was some commotion a few yards from where I was standing. I walked to see what was happening. A man was on the floor, hand on his chest, legs and body shaking, desperately gasping for breath. Someone took off his shirt and made him lie flat on his back. Paramedics arrived immediately. He was given an oxygen mask which he kept taking off trying to breathe. And then they stuck some wires on his chest near the heart. I don’t know what they did next as I could not stand and look any more. I’d had enough. The man had suffered a massive heart attack. He was minutes away from death. Not sure if he made it through. Not sure if his family were ever going to see him alive again.

Death is the harshest reality of life. We take life so much for granted that we may not be prepared for the dreaded D looming round the corner. I’ve lost a few friends in my life. I lost one to cancer at the age of 17, and two to separate road accidents during college. These experiences have thought me to appreciate life like never before. Any day could be our last. Live life like there is no tomorrow but always have plans ready for the day after!

So here’s to our good health, love from family & friends, and fulfillment in life. Amen.


(I wrote this on 10th Jan but could not post it. Finally got an internet connection today. And FYI – I am in India for three weeks)


One thought on “Life and Death

  1. I hope he defeated death.. all my prayers for him..

    I dread this subject.. i go blank n emotionless at such times. nothing remains to suffer for the one who dies but what abt those who are left behind? for them it indeed is THE harshest reality of life.

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