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It’s a BOY :-)

Phew! The last few days have been absolutely unbelievable. Life has changed. I have changed. Have experienced something so unique, so special that no other feeling will ever come in the same vicinity as that.

I’ve become a father!!! My wife delivered a healthy baby boy on 20th Jan 09. After 9 months of anticipation, patience, hope, wait and excitement, it happened. And I am still to come to terms with it.

Every day is a new experience. Every expression of my baby boy is a new story. It’s been out-of-this-world. The first time I held him on my arms – oh boy, if only I could describe that feeling in words! His first yawn, first burp, first time his tiny fingers wrapped around my little finger, his first potty, his first smile, his first expression, his first cry – just mind-blowing experience. No other feeling can ever be this pleasant and memorable.

I’ve been blessed infinitely by the Almighty. Today all I wish for is a lifetime of happiness, contentment, spiritual peace and fulfillment for my baby boy. May Allah always be with him and shower his blessings on my Ibrahim. Ameen.


9 thoughts on “It’s a BOY :-)

  1. Ameen!!
    Ibrahim deserves such loving and caring parents. and both You and Iram deserve an Angel like Ibrahim.
    Happy Anniversary to both of you! i think God has blessed you with the best gift he could on your anniversary. May this bliss never die!!! 🙂

  2. congratulations yet again.. we are eager to see the family picture pleaseeee…

    Happy first wedding anniversary to you guys too.

    so what was the color of his first potty.. hehe…

    one of my good friends here in dubai has delivered a baby girl two days back.. and one in india is abt to deliver.. looks like its baby time all around… so happy for u’all..

    god bless..n ameen for all u wished for him n some more..

    me n Amit.

  3. Ruhi – Thanks! It’s all the more special just coz you were along side me through out. Thanks a lot for your continued support, love and advice. Every thing that happened over the last 1 week would have been incomplete without you. Ibrahim is lucky to have such a lovely ‘phu’.

    Tara – Firstly, if my calculations are correct, you are in Dubai. So a big WELCOME! 🙂 Hope you like Dubai and may this be the beginning of many more greats things to come.

    Yes, it sure looks like a baby boom time all around. 5 other people I know have also delivered in Jan, one of them (iram’s best friend delivered twins). So God up there has been quite busy lately! 😉

  4. Hi buddy…congratulations for your first anniversary and also for becoming parents to Ibrahim(nice name…)
    God Bless you all and ameen for all your wishes!

  5. Congrats…I was not aware of this just happned to go though your blog, its aswome news, you really deserve sweet blessings. I am so happy for you 🙂 and yeah happy anniversary. This is the best gift that too directly from GOD.
    send me the pics I am so excited to see your son

  6. Puja – Thanks & thanks…the name was my choice! 🙂

    Sankritya – Yes, Me and my wife felt the same that there couldn't be a better anniversary gift for us…ever!

    Iya – Thanks. I'm uploading some pics. Will send the link to you as soon as its done.

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