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A day in the life of Ibrahim

This is what a typical day looks like in the life of little Ibrahim (and thus his parents too!)

12 am: Sweet sound sleep (ZZZ)
Cycle 1 start:
12.30 am: Hungry baby wakes up crying. Feeding time.
12.45 am: Burp burp
1.00 am: Hic hic hic (hiccups)
1.10 am: Potty time! Nappy change.
1.25 am: Potty again. Nappy change again.
1.30 am: Hungry baby again. Quick feed.
1.40 am: ZZZ
Cycle 1 end.
4.00 am: Repeat cycle 1.
8.00 am: Repeat cycle 1 but no ZZZ
9.00 am: Play time with momma and yaba (Arabic word for Papa)
10.00 am: Quick feed and ZZZ
12.00 pm: Potty time. Su-su on yaba. Nappy change.
12.30 pm: Massage time followed by sponge bath.
1.00 pm: Change of clothes and play time.
1.30 pm: Tired hungry baby. Feeding time.
1.45 pm: Burp burp. ZZZ
4.00 pm: Hungry baby. Potty time. Total chaos. All hell breaks loose.
4.45 pm: Finally ZZZ
7.00 pm: Repeat cycle 1.
9.30 pm: Repeat cycle 1.
12.30 am: Repeat cycle 1.

With able assistance from Ibrahim’s:
1. Naani (Maternal grand mother)
2. Daadi mummy (Paternal grand mother)
3. Mamujaan (His mother’s elber bro)
4. Khala (His mother’s younger sis)
5. Nanujaan (Maternal grand father)
6. Phu (His father’s younger sis)
7. And others


2 thoughts on “A day in the life of Ibrahim

  1. thats simply wow.. cant stop laughing at the susu-potty-nappy change-potty scene that i can well imagine. so he did susu on yabu as well. hmmm.. bless him and all those who are being rendered sleepless around him.

    one pic would have completed this post though… u hv been either super busy with i know what(obviously) or real mean to not show us his pic yet.

    now put one up pls yabaaaaaaa… plsssssss

  2. And guess what? We actually kept count of the number of times he did susu on everyone and I was leading the race with 7. Closely followed by his nani with 4. Surely with me here now, she must have overtaken me!

    Regarding the pic, I’m neither super busy nor real mean. I just normally refrain from uploading any personal snaps on the blog. But don’t worry, I am creating an album online. Will send you the link as soon as it’s done. I did show Amit some pics yesterday! 😉

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