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Passionné par les parfums

Very few things in life that I am really passionate about. One of ’em is perfumes. There is no measure about how much I absolutely dig good perfumes. Every time I step into a departmental store or a mall or duty free, by default I get dragged to the perfume section checking out the latest testers. I make notes on which I like and hope to add to my collection. Ah, by ‘collection’ don’t get wrong ideas. I have a rather modest collection. But am determined to increase it moving forward.

I think a good fragrance is like a person’s identity. And careful consideration should be taken before selecting one. Not just pick something that smells good but check if that fragrance goes with your overall personality. I’m no expert on personality traits neither on perfumes but, little that I can understand, I try and keep these aspects in mind before selecting one.

And hence it does not take a genius to figure out that the gifts I’ve given out most often are perfumes. I know what fragrances go best on me. There’s not much left to uncover actually. So what’s the next best way to keep this passion rolling?! Buy for others! 🙂

I don’t remember when this started. Back in college, all that mattered was a good deo. And Adidas was a clear winner then. I did have a large collection of deos though but again, they were purchased mostly on offers or bulk and they were cheap. No passion per se. When I got to b-school, my bro bought me my first real one. He took me into this store, walked to the perfume section and asked me to go crazy! Imagine my excitement!!! After almost an hour, I finally picked up Baldesarini from Hugo Boss. It was my most prized possession – A Hugo Boss perfume! I still have it 🙂

As I got to my first job and more financial independence, which I think was the key, the passion really kicked in: Dunhill Desire Blue, Davidoff Deep, Remy Marquis, Eternity by CK, Gio by Armani, Euphoria by CK & Davidoff Echo. Next on my desirables list is Bvlgari Soir, Ferrari Black and Dior Homme.

This is one passion I wish to continue pursuing in the future. Ofcourse, provided Oracle keeps rolling out those commission cheques! 😉


7 thoughts on “Passionné par les parfums

  1. The irony with me is i keep looking for fragrances that i smelled on someone and liked but i never find them in the store 😦 n sometimes feel i should just go n ask what perfume they are wearing..

    hugo boss and davidoff are my all time favs..

  2. Iya – I did get you a perfume once for Aman but you insisted on paying for it! 😉

    Tara – Yeah, happens to me a lot too. Grass is always greener on the other side! :p

    Khalid – Long time, Bro! How ya doin? Are you back to Dubai?
    Yeah, Gio is awesome. Infact when I got it, someone at home even told that this is kaddy’s fav. I haven’t tried Versace. Surely will keep an eye out for that.

  3. OMG!! you really love perfumes dont you?

    😀 a whole post for it? 😀

    I agree with this line I think a good fragrance is like a person’s identity. And careful consideration should be taken before selecting one.

    I have stuck to two or three since ages:)

    they are mild, medium and strong according to the occasion:)

    I used to buy this amazing one from Oriflame that smelled like jasmine..then they stopped making it..
    now I have a Giordani

    rest i will look up in your list 😀

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