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Random rantings – 1

Ever get that feeling when you know you have it all yet you also know it’s incomplete? Or like not having any reasons to complain but still feel like complaining.

Feeling something like that today.

I’m really tired. And sleepy. Have headache and that nagging backache due too long hours behind the wheel. Still haven’t recovered from flu and my antibiotics are over. I am overweight. And I need to see a dentist! (Groan). Health has taken such a backseat in my life that someday I think I might just drop dead.

Work front is OK but I hate spending close to three hours commuting daily! Sucks

The wife and kiddo are OK but I hate being away from them for so long! Sucks

I start with Atkins tomorrow. That sucks too.

I stood up my friends today. Has happened for the first time ever. This after I had booked the movie tickets myself. BIG sucks.

Phone at my desk doesn’t work. The watchman did not wash my car today. I want to change the curtains in my room. The kiddo’s birth certificate (required for his passport which is in-turn required for his visa) is taking forever to come. I need to start working out or play some cricket or tennis.

Whoever said I had no reasons to complain?!?


4 thoughts on “Random rantings – 1

  1. well 3 hrs in commuting i envy you cos i have 5 hrs daily, i am much much overweight than you. atleast you have a kid, my wife is not with me and i am all alone u have a big family to get with. all i am trying to say is “i cried i had no shoes until i saw a man who had no feet”. Relax see the brighter side of life;)

  2. Khalid – Dude, that was a shot right under the belt! :p Just kidding.
    Yeah, that’s the reason why I started the post wondering if I should complain. Guess it was just a temporary blue phase.
    But hey, you hang in there, pal! 🙂 And thanks a ton!

    Iya – I ate ice-cream. Lots of ice cream 😀 Sinful! Felt instantly better…

    Tara – Thanks again. All said on mail.

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