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On failing driving tests in UAE

To the person who got here with this query:

“i failed my driving test in uae”

I feel sorry for this guy/girl. Really really really know how it feels. And I can tell you it’s not good. Anyone who stays in UAE will know how important it is to own a car here. Public transport system is appalling. Taxis charge a bomb. Metro is far from over. Car lifts are not allowed. Walking is out of the question due to the long distances between places. So what are the options? Frankly, not many. And thus owning a car is almost your only resort And with so much traffic on roads these days, licenses are not being issued generously. RTA thinks that’s the way to reduce traffic problems! And appearing for driving tests is by no means cheap. Digs a BIG hole in your pocket. But it’s gotta be done! It’s a necessary evil.

So hang in there, Mr./Ms. I know it is tough but surely possible. Good luck for your next test. Cheers.

2 thoughts on “On failing driving tests in UAE

  1. Yeah, I’m thinking of becoming a motivational speaker on Dubai driving licenses. But not sure people will pay money to listen to me rather than pay for those damn driving classes!!!

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