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That moment….

At this lovely captured moment in my life I had wished I was a kid again….

05-Mar-09, 9:22 PM

….seeing those kids jump down that air-filled slide!!!

What are those kids thinking of?

Project deadline? Targets? Performance appraisal? Traffic? Weight loss? Recession? Money? Investments? Family? Marriage? Heartbreaks? Moving houses? Rama Sena? Politics? Global warming?

Bet, at that instant, all they freakin cared off was to jump as hard and as fast as they possibly can down that slide! What a life! 🙂

I wish…. (sigh)

3 thoughts on “That moment….

  1. Tara – Yeah, you know somehow till last night, I never really regretted growing up! You do stuff as a kid that you can’t do as an adult and vice versa. But when I saw those kids….all I could do was look at them and smile. And ofcourse take snaps!

    Iya – oooh….philosophical comment…woh bhi aap se….
    sab theek hai na?

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