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Tears, Parenthood & Wifey

Last night I shed my first tears seeing my little baby on webcam. I longed to take him in my hands. To hold him, play with him, talk to him, just see him play, hear him make weird sounds, walk around with him, console him when he cries, clean his nappies, put him to sleep – I’m missing all that and more. Everything seems incomplete now. Meaningless.

I’m not sure what changes parenthood has brought to me. One minute I was just another guy with not too many responsibilities, and the next, I’m a dad with all the responsibilities. It’s crazy.

A lot of things change upon becoming a parent. But I’d say, the first and foremost change comes to the relationship between the couple. Simply put, it brings them closer. Nine months is a long time. And it can be a difficult and intriguing time for a women. With all kinds of physical, mental, hormonal, psychological changes, it teaches you just one lesson: this women is undergoing all that just to give birth to your baby. Many say that it is a defining moment in a women’s life. That could be quite true. And it’s not just the nine months and giving birth part but continues through post-birth phase as well. All in all, a really challenging time for a women. It is quite unbelievable in the end when you hold your baby for the first time and think: Did this really come out of there? Just incredible.

Holding my bundle of joy for the first time will always remain my most cherished moment. My wife, with all that she went through over the last 10 months is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

There couldn’t be a more appropriate time to let her know how much I respect her for being the women she is and – a caring wife, a supportive friend, a trusted companion, a passionate lover, a smart critique and an ideal life partner. And now, a super-mom! Hats off to you, love.


10 thoughts on “Tears, Parenthood & Wifey

  1. wat a sweet note… i hv tears in ma eyes too.. it must be real difficult for both of u not to be together… prayers for the home coming to get fastened… but thanks to the era of internet n wecams I must say! tell iram to keep it on the whole day 🙂 n u can be around them at least virtually in between ur work…

  2. That was so touching!!! Can’t imagine what you must be going through… Hope you get to hold your baby very soon! Take care..

  3. Tara – Amen and yes, thanks to technology I can atleast see the little one at will.

    Iya – Hope so too.

    Smitha – Thanks 🙂

  4. I have seen so many mommy bloggers who writes abt kids and preganancy stuff…you are first dad i have notices writing with so much intensity….
    Wish you soon able to hold ur baby in ur arms 🙂

  5. Rashmi – Yeah, I haven’t come across any daddy blogs too. Would be interesting to know what other guys in similar position are going through.

  6. Been here first time……liked your stuff

    btw are you with Atkins, the EPC company? Heard they are chucking out people in Sharjah?

  7. Thats a father…

    hope they can make it sooner… i spend about 3 months alone before my wife and kid joined me about two years back when i relocated… and i probably can understand what you mean…

    However i used to go home every fortnight…

    I myself used to hate kids…. but ever since I held my son when he was born… everything has changed…

    lovely heart warming post….

    cheers, your on my blog roll !!! 🙂

  8. Pesto Sauce – My closest association with Atkins is not the company but the Atkins diet!
    Although and coincidentally, I do have a cousin who works with Atkins in Sharjah. Spoke to him a couple of weeks back and he was very upset at the job cuts happening there. He’s at a senior position yet was scared the axe might fall on him too!

    Hitch writer aka Dhiren – Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, tough times and lucky you who could visit every fortnight. Unfortunately, I don’t have that option. Flying out from Dubai to India digs a serious chunk on the wallet. I did have plans to visit this weekend though but…!!
    Thanks for adding my to your blog roll. Honored! 🙂

  9. Congrats…Daddy….the bith ofachild, and the birth of a new relationship…It is said that the greatest gift a man/father can give his children is love and respect their mother…ur on the right path Masood…..a heart warming post.

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