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My idea of therapy

No bones to guess I was depressed all weekend. And now I’ve decided to put an end to this. No more depressive, sad, sombre or pitiful posts. Folks who know me or have followed this blog for a while know I’m better than that. Enough is enough. So what did I do to get over the mood?


No, I did not see a psychiatrist. Not that kind of therapy but the other kind. This kind:

1. Shopping therapy:

There was a sale at Azzaro. Need I say more? 😉

2. Food therapy:

Why wouldn’t a double cheese, grilled jalapeño chicken burger make you feel good? 😉

3. Fun therapy:

And with whatever little frustration left, I knocked out those pins left, right and center!!

I think it was just in the mind. The moment I decided to let go, everything was instantly better.

Thank you to one and all for your supportive and encouraging words. Cheers 🙂

11 thoughts on “My idea of therapy

  1. Tara – If Iram was here, I wouldn’t need therapy in the first place!!

    Iya – Fortunately for me, Azzaro is an all men’s store!

    Ruhi – Yeah, but it shouldn’t have happened this way.
    At last you decided to comment!!!

  2. Guys and Shopping Therapy? That is new Masood.

    Btw, the first few weeks my wife wasn’t here, I had a blast. See my earlier posts 😉

    A chicken burger however can lift spirits anytime…

  3. Iya – OK, let me rephrase. The store I went to was just a men’s store! 😉

    Rakesh – Well, I have a thing or two about shopping. But it’s not how you think. Hardly took 5-7 min. Walk in, select, paid, then remembered to try :p and walked out! Khallas. Unlike the typical shopping syndrome where females spend hours.

    I had a good time for about a month. But lately it’s been getting on the nerves. Almost 5 months since she’s gone and 2 months since the delivery.

  4. Sorry it was not doing anything after hitting publish..iewhy i submitted thrice same comment..please delete extra ones 🙂

  5. Rashmi – Not sure. Still waiting for my baby’s passport. My best guess is around end of April..unless Indian passport administrators surprise me with super quick service!

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