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55 word fiction

“HELP!!! Leave me!! Help, PLEASE!!!!”
“It’s a girl from your college”
“HEY!!! Hey YOU! LET HER GO YOU #%&$@#”
“Aunty, please check on her”
“I’ve lost my honor. Don’t want to lose more”
“He got there on time”
Hero. Messiah.

He was trembling.
7 months later
She saw him. Ignored.
He walked away. Smiling.

Phew! This was not easy. Lame amateurish effort. Couldn’t come up with a title too. Oh well, Monkey is off my back now. Cheers.


17 thoughts on “55 word fiction

  1. Hey I didn’t quite understand …
    How many people are there? I like the way it is written but who is Aunty?

  2. I’m thinking how does a guy feel when confronted by a girl who he once saved getting raped. I might feel relieved that she ignored him thus avoiding a probably awkward maybe embarrassing moment. And also the satisfaction that she is doing fine now. Maybe he understands why she ‘had’ to ignore him.

  3. She is one of the bystanders. The guy who saved her is requesting a women to speak to the girl and comfort her..

    Sheesh, in order to fit in 55 words, I had to leave out so much. Now it’s all so confusing! Even I am getting confused now! 😛

  4. he he, if you get the monkey on your back, confuse everyone so much that they never put it on you again 🙂 he he

    But ya, this is difficult!

  5. Rakesh – Hahaha I burst out laughing after reading your comment. Colleagues around me probably thought I’d lost it.

  6. Rashmi – Yes, that’s why it just an amateurish attempt. I should have kept it simpler. Thanks.

    Sharjil – Yes, there are elements of truth in this story as you already know. I had intended to blog about it on my next post.

  7. Now that I know this was not fiction, I am even more awed. You risked your safety without thinking, but do you have any idea what you did was extremely brave and even dangerous – and how it completely changed the girls life, maybe even saved her life?

    Reminds me of A Thousand Splendid Suns. Sometimes all it takes is courage, you just needed to drive that side and you could helo her, why were other people not reacting? We have become so selfish and so cowardly.

    What you did was so amazing, I have been talking about this to my family and they also think you were simply too good, you had guts and a good heart too, I am sure the girl will never forget what you did for her (even if you don’t care if she remembers)…

    There could have been more than one man out there, but you just followed your instinct. Hats off to you.

    • Thanks IHM. I made up for the courage by trembling and almost crying when it was over. It just pained so much to think about her. For weeks I used to wonder how she must be feeling. Sometimes I even wished I should have gotten there a little earlier. Maybe that man would not have attacked her seeing me approaching on my bike and those few seconds would be enough for her to get further away.

      I get messages from juniors from my b-school even today asking about that incident. I was surprised that they still talk about it. They say the story is part of the legends. Some wonder it ever happened, while others have modified it adding a few more twists.

      All said and done, even after 6 yrs, I can still recall those shrieks and her horror ridden face.

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