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My 55 word fiction was ‘not’ fiction

Alrighty! It took me 2 days to get this page sorted out. Am still not sure how I want it. Just about managed to keep it up and running for now. With time, and as and when I learn more about WP, I’ll modify this space accordingly.

Getting back to business, I have a confession to make. That 55 word fiction I posted last week was not really fiction. I cheated. Sorry guys!

I had intended to mention that on the post but thought I’ll wait for reactions before doing so. I’ll just share that story now. Guess it’s time to take it out of my system.

This incident took place during my MBA days in Delhi in 2003. My B-school was located in a decent residential locality which even had a community park. We shared a common boundary wall with that park. It was OK during the day but at nights, the place used to be dark and dingy. No streets lights or security guards. In order to get to the bus stand, we were supposed to walk or drive from in front of the park.

That evening after classes I got on my bike and was driving past that garden when all of a sudden I heard screams and cries for help. I was in front of the gate. Stopped and looked around when a man with a baby in his arms told me that someone had forcibly taken a girl from my college into the park. On the ground was a hand bag, cellphone, some books and an orange colored top!!

I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to drive away. Even changed my bike gear to zip off but I couldn’t get myself to do it. Turned my bike instead into the park, yelling on top of my lungs. It was dark but was able to see due to my headlamps. A few seconds later I was finally able to see the man. He had just dumped her on the ground and was trying to get on top of her. I accelerated, yelling typical desi obscenities at him. He tried to flee. I jumped off my bike and ran towards him but stopped after a few paces. I didn’t want to leave that girl alone. I ran back. She was crying, yelling, trembling. I still can’t forget the horror and fear on her face. I quickly gave her my jacket. She wrapped it around her and ran towards the gate. I picked up my bike and followed her closely. By then a few guys had turned up and all of them started beating up some other guy. The actual guy had already fled. Told them they were bashing up the wrong guy!!

At the gate, she picked up her stuff, put her top back on and ran towards the main road. I saw a women around and asked her to check on her and console the poor girl. She tried to talk to her but she said she didn’t want to loose more ‘izzat’ or honor and ran away. I followed her on my bike to see if she was OK. Last I saw her, she got into an auto and disappeard.

When I got back, everyone was standing near the gate. They all started applauding. Said I’d saved her and that I was a hero. My friends got there thinking I got into a fight. I didn’t know what to think. My hands and legs were trembling. I couldn’t believe what just happened.

I could still hear her shrieks and see her terrified face in front of my eyes. I called up my brother and to tell him about the incident. I could not speak.

Next morning, I informed the director and program coordinator. I told them I can identify the girl and the institute should own up and take responsibility of this accident. Luckily, no one else had seen her. Not one soul. Later that day, I was congratulated by the entire management. New rules were introduced. No girl was supposed to leave the institute alone after 6pm. More security guards were positioned. Lighting was improved.

But what had happened, happened. I could not take her out of my mind. Wondering is she was OK. What impact would this have on her life. Would she ever come back to college. Would she be able to live a normal life again. And why why why didn’t I catch that man!!!!

I saw her again but only after 7 months near the library. She was coming out. Looked up at me for a second, her expressions changed and then she immediately looked away and walked off.

I just smiled. Finally my mind was at rest.


25 thoughts on “My 55 word fiction was ‘not’ fiction

  1. hmmm.. from one of the comments in that post, i thot its based on some true incident but dint ask.. and u cheated not only by that but also coz u urself said its 54 words n not 55..

    coming to this post.. while it sounded very much lile we see in TV i dont know how to react..
    i wish we had a safer place…
    i wish that boy understood what damage he is doing to another girl
    i wish the girl had some powers to protect herself and give it back to that guy right there

    & not only that girl, did that guy know even you who witnessed it would have such an impact for lifetime…

    its sad. its sick. pains to read such things.

    • hehe yeah. i didnt know that it has to be exactly 55 words. I thought upto 55 words. I could have added a word here or there easily.

      Yeah, this incident had me shaken for a long time. It could be anyone next. I was so scared and it left a few deep scars.

      Sorry for the late reply. I was away but you already know that, dont you? 😉

  2. gee.e…. you are a real life hero !!!

    Masood, no words are enough to appreciate what you did….

    I can understand that initial nervousness and thanks to you for not givin in… !!!!!

    hats off to you buddy !!! hats off….

    sincerely !

    • Thanks my friend. I didn’t feel one bit like a hero then. I was just bloody shocked and scared. Took me a while to get over that incident.

      And if this was me, can only imagine what was that girl went through!

    • Yeah Rakesh. I almost ran off. Don’t know how I would have lived with that. But being witness to that incident wasn’t easy as well. But yes, in the end, I was happy that I did what was right.

  3. hey, came here from another, can’t remember which one. We have some common friends.

    I havent read that 55er.
    This story sounds very filmy to be true. The again, aren’t movies inspired from real life?

    • Thanks Shilpa. And welcome here. Yep, this blogging world can be a small place.

      Yeah, it sure sounds filmy. But every word is as true as it can get.

  4. You really are a hero! I am so proud to know you!!
    I am sure she is traumatized for life, but, she seems to be getting better… anyway she does not seem to care much for what happens to the man, she is probably just glad you reached there…
    Did you see the face of the man?

    Whatever it is you did the right thing by turning the bike into the car!

    • Thanks IHM. I did not see his face. It was too dark. I figured his height and body structure – that’s all I could see from behind.

      This incident had a lasting impact on me. Haven’t spoken about it much in a long time. Every now and then, I still get scraps on orkut or facebook by students from the current batches at my b-school asking about the incident. Guess they still talk about it there.

  5. Wandering through. Glad that I did. Firstly, you did something very courageous and RIGHT. Congratulations. Secondly, we need more people like you. Read the 55er after reading this and thus could understand what you put down in the 55er. As an aside, I asked myself what I would have done in a similar situation and surprisingly the answer was something along similar lines…….initial fear, hesitation, don’t get involved as none of my business BUT then overcoming all this due to the fact that one has to live with one’s conscience and go on to do the right thing. “Guess they still talk about it there.” Yes, you are a hero, a role model!!!

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  8. Wow!! That is a real brave thing to do and very courageous too. U are a hero. and am sure, though the girl didn’t talk to you…she is thankful and grateful from the bottom of her heart. She just didn’t have the nerve to face you…. but did u see her again later?

    And hats off to you!

  9. hopped here through IHM’s blog…
    what do i say, well done Masood and God Bless !
    (am sure the girl has already blessed you enough to last you 2 lifelines 🙂 )

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