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My baby’s passport has come. Applied for his residency visa this morning. I’ve got that as well.

They are traveling to Dubai on Sunday night.

My little kiddo and wifey are finally gonna be with me 🙂

Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Can’t wait.



31 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. now whatever this means????
    when i landed here u were not around.

    when she is landing here me is not gonna be around.

    anyways.. happy for you guys finally:) celebrate and plan some fun thing for their welcome. all hard work can be delegated to you know who! right… make full use of friends i tell u.

    will see u guys soon n once we shift, lets have them over to #315 🙂 already invited. No hurry, set in with them n then when u guys are free.. ok? n get the biryani along with Ibrahim n Iram if u like 😛 we wont mind. he hee

  2. Well, talk about coincidence!

    But we’ll meet up once you are back. Ofcourse I’ll let you settle in into your new apartment before ‘halla bol’

    Btw, your visit to my place is also longggg due. Guess we have a lot of socializing to do over the next few weeks :p with lots of mutton biryani…:)

    Enjoy your 10 days of fame! 😉 Good luck.

      • What mutton biryani? 😉


        My mom cooks the most amazing mutton biryani. The real hyderabadi nawabi style.

        Ofcourse you’re invited. Does lil peanut enjoy biryani too?

        • *drool*

          All of us LOVE Biriyani in any form. One of our dearest friends in Canada is a Hyderabadi Muslim and his wife makes the yummiest Biriyani and also yum Meat based stuff. He used to bring it for us every weekend and we used to gulp it in no time.

          Now I have to make one this weekend as I am craving for it right now. 😆

        • Solilo – me too. Absolutely drool over biryani. I’ve asked mom to prepare it tomorrow for the welcome. And that’s the only dish I can ‘almost’ cook.

    • Oh yes, got lots of stuff planned out. I’ve been getting so many ideas from friends, family, colleagues, fellow bloggers. Have kept aside all of sat n sun for arrangements.

    • 🙂 Yes yes, full-to planning is on. I’ll do a post on how I finally did the welcoming arrangements. Everyone has been so generous with ideas. Will set things up over the weekend.

  3. Hey Congratulations…i m very happy for you…they must have reached now…Ahh…i m late in commenting on ths one….

    anyways have lots of fun with lil sweetheart…and do upload his pics 🙂

    • Yes, they got here late last night. I took the day off today to spend all my time with him. I’m feeling complete now 🙂

  4. Knock, Knock!! How’s everyone? I know you must be majorly busy – but would love to hear how Baby Ibrahim is doing:)

    And all this Biryani talk is making me soooo hungry!!! Please someone send me some too !!!

    • hehe 🙂 Ibrahim is super cool. A little cranky due to relocation n stuff. All new people, new surroundings etc but he should be ok in a day or two I guess.

      We had that much talked about biryani today 😀

  5. U might be having a great time with ur little one.

    I am forced to write abt the biryani after reading all the comments here.I love hyderabadi biryani and i make it every friday,so all are welcome to my house for a great dum mutton/chicken biryani:)

    • yes, having a ball. haven’t been able to find time to do a post also.

      oh you do? that’s awesome. we all are ekdam besharam for biryani 😉

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