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Some come while some go

Phew! Quite a happening last couple of days.

My baby is finally here and boy, is he a dream or what! An absolute darling.

I had a lot of fun making arrangements to welcome them. Made up the whole room. Changed the curtains to more brighter colors (not blue though). Decorated the whole room with a blue and white theme. Had blue and white balloons hanging from my ceiling with a cute little blue windchime in the middle. Had a big ‘Welcome Back’ banner on the door and a blue colored ‘It’s a boy’ banner as well. Some other cute blue stuff on the walls. I bought a new cot for the baby with blue bedding set and decorated with blue balloons and ribbons. Even a blue wall clock to match the room decor. A big blue teddy bear on the bed, some chocolates in blue wrappers, a bouquet with a card and gift for the wife completed the job.

And each and every member of my family helped. In the end, I just loved the look on my wife’s face. She was amazed. A job well done.

The baby has been quite cranky though. I guess it is due to the change in weather, place, people, food etc. But despite all that, he’s still managed to spellbind all of us. We’ve already started to fight over who holds him when. For the record, I have a large family and we all stay together. So you can imagine! Being the dad, I’ve manged to grab exclusive rights by default 🙂

All good things have some bad lurking around the corner. It came in the form of a sad news. My mom’s eldest sister expired in India yesterday 😦 With my maternal grand parents dead, she was head of that family for close to 2 decades. She had come to stay with my wife during her last trimester and was around for the delivery. Everyone fondly called her “Dear Mummy”. May her soul rest in peace.

This news dampened our moods quite a bit. But children can lighten up even the gloomiest of days, don’t they? My baby, with his innocent chuckles and giggles, made us realize that life has its own ways to even things out. And that no matter how bad it may get, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. My baby was that light. *touchwood* And may he always remain one. Amen.

20 thoughts on “Some come while some go

  1. oh..sorry to hear about ur massi..may her soul rest in peace…

    glad that Ibrahim is finally there with u..have fun with baby..how is Iram?

  2. Ah..u decorated room with blue…what a soothing , calming colour…good to know you are enjoying with baby iram… 🙂

    do post his pics…

    sorry to hear abt your massi…May her soul rest in peace..

  3. So sorry, to hear about your aunt.. may her soul rest in peace…

    And yes, babies do make a big difference, don’t they – they change our perspective totally 🙂 And looks like you went out to make it all special!!! Awww!!! Job well done indeed! You are such a wonderful Daddy! Do post some pics!!!

    ‘Being the dad, I’ve manged to grab exclusive rights by default ‘ – Some benefits of being the dad 🙂 Have a wonderful time with your little one!

    • yes, i think we all were able to feel lighter because of his presence.
      hehe, i just tried to make it special for both. in the end, it all worked out. i forgot to mention that we even wore blue 🙂

  4. Oh! a happy arrival and then a sad news.

    Sorry to hear about your Khala Your mom must be devastated. My condolences.


    Welcome baby Ibrahim! I am sure Mommy and baby loved the room decorated by Daddy. Flowers and card for wife! You are set 😉

    Have fun and don’t forget the Biriyani.

    • I missed this comment. Saw it just now 😦


      Yes, they totally loooooved the room. Whats really cool is with the balloons hanging from the ceiling, the kiddo just lies in bed and keep staring at the balloons. They keep moving due to the air conditioning and that keeps him entertained! 🙂

  5. awww that was so sweet of u to do

    praying that baby gets such love and happiness all thru his life, god bless

    and sorry to hear abt ur aunt

  6. Its a great feeling to hold the baby first time in your hands. Its an overwhelming feeling of fatherhood. I still remember, when my hubby S, held my daughter, with a proud look on his face. He was talking and behaving as though he had undergone the 9 months of pregnancy and the C-section too !!!

    “In the end, I just loved the look on my wife’s face. She was amazed. A job well done.”

    I like this.

    • Oh yes, absolutely. For the record, its the most precious moment of my life. Nothing can replace that feeling of holding the baby for the first time! 🙂

      LOL – husbands and fathers are like that. Even I was reacting that way. I actually cried more than my wife :p

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