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My new love :)

At the risk of sleeping on the couch this week, I’m hopelessly admitting my latest newest love here….

My new car – Audi A6 🙂

My newest love

My newest love

Bought it this morning. Just got done with the insurance, registration, paperwork and payment. Right now, it is sitting pretty in my basement parking. Can’t wait to hit the highway after work.

It was always my dream car. So much so that when I often thought of buying a car, I considered all options except the Audi. But got a great deal on this one and I grabbed it with both hands.

More pics later. For now, I’m just a very happy and proud owner 🙂


21 thoughts on “My new love :)

  1. Congrats, Masood!! Audi A6 is really, really good!!!! Am drooling! Can you believe it – we are actually debating over Audi and BMW right now – now that I have got my learners – hubby is trying to decide which car to buy – now that we will need a second car 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s a beast that car. Loving it 🙂

      Audi and BMW are quite in the same league. I heard that Audi is higher on maintenance but in terms of driving experience, it is better. BMWs are far more stylish. Both cars are fantastic machines.

      I’ll be waiting to hear which one you end up picking 🙂

  2. Now we are talking. I LOVE car talks. My passion.

    And Audi A6 is good and sleek. It is my brother’s car too.

    When are we getting a Biriyani treat? 😀

    • Coool. Yep, 3.0 ltr, V6, 220 hp @ 6300 rpm – it’s a powerful beauty! I even hit my all-time high speed this morning while coming to work – 230 km/h 😉

      Should I post a pic of some delicious Hyderabadi mutton biryani on the blog? Will that suffice as a treat? 😉

      • are u crazy…230 km/hr..but i dont need biryani.. a long drive with touching this speed once or twice in between will suffice for the treat… what say??

        Does iram like high speed driving?

        • what???? U don’t need biryani??? Jao…you are henceforth banned from coming here. This place is only for biryani lovers!!!! *drool*

          hehe..trust me..the thrill was awesome..

          yeah sure…with pleasure 🙂

          iram will kill me if she finds out i hit 230 😉

  3. i had been meaning to comment since yday or the day before but dunno where i am busy 😮

    but i hv already congratulated you so lemme now just say “have a great n safe driving experience”… the first car being audi is nothing less than supreme!!

    • haha you must be busy listening to your voice after 10 days!!!! 😉

      Well, why don’t you drop by office this Friday and we’ll all go for a spin…what say? maza aaega… 🙂

  4. WOW!!! I so want to scream with excitement, but damn, I’m at work! Many congratulations! This is amazing news! Now Audi A6 positively makes me go weak in the knees! Way to go!

    So, tell me, how was Ibrahim’s first ride in his new car?

    PS: Did you end up on the couch then? LOL…

    • hehe…I can do the screaming on your behalf. I’ve done it a few times already!!! :p

      well, you know, he has this cute blue body suite which has ‘I love my blue car’ written on it. my wife had him wear that. And we took him around in the car. What really amazes me is he understands when the car is moving and when it is stopped. And if it is stationary for sometime, he lets out this grunt, probably asking me to step on it!!!! :p

      The wife was very understanding. She spared me. hehe

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