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I have decided to take hiatus from blogging.

Someday I may return. Or maybe not.

Only time will tell.

Thank you, y’all.

13 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. 😦 Tussi jaa raho ho? Tussi naa jaao. 😥

    Just because I asked a Biriyani treat..you are leaving. I promise I won’t ask again.

    Post when you get time but do come back, if time permits.

    We will miss you, Masood.

  2. Gr8, first the recession hit us badly thus no salary increment or bonus this year, second wifey in India for the past 5 months and now it becomes more better u decide to take a brk. what crap no source of entertainment for me.

  3. Thanks guys. I wanted to take a break. I think it’s just burnout.

    But I will come back. I had planned not to. But now I will.

    You guys are great! 🙂

  4. oye! hiatus? just like that.. ye kya baat hui???

    you were anyways blogging from office rite? but anyways, enjoy the break, come back when you are loads of things to say.. we will be all ears!!!

    I am however looking forward to the fun Sunday whenever we are getting to enjoy that together… since susu potty cleaning bz is urs for wkend, i want to watch u doing all this while we chit chat with Iram.. 😀 😛

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