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Turkey calling

I’m off to Turkey this weekend with my colleagues. Folks at work decided we all needed a good break from work. My guess was we’d have to gone to some neighboring cities in UAE itself but they picked a different country all together. I’m not complaining. No sir. But just a little surprised and excited as well. Its not free. We had a shell out a few bucks (actually quite a bit) but since this is a bulk booking, we got the whole tour planned at a very subsidized rate. So basically the entire tour cost me what just the air ticket to Istanbul would have cost me otherwise. Cool no?

We leave on Wednesday morning and back on Saturday night. Heard Turkey is a beautiful country. Has become quite a tourist destination lately. Its got everything – history, culture, nature, modernism, weather, beaches, cuisine, night life etc. So I’m really looking forward to this trip.

Any suggestions on places to visit, things to do in Turkey are welcome. I’ve relied on Google maharaj for most of the info but any firsthand experience would be good as well.

One thing I totally despise about traveling abroad is the visa formalities. Regardless of everything, We, Indian citizens with an Indian passport, still don’t have the ‘visa on arrival’ option in MANY countries. I think it is quite annoying and embarrassing. Indians are right up there today in almost every field. Yet just to travel to a different country, I have to visit the Turkish consulate, fill up forms, get ‘no objection’ letter from my employer along with a salary certificate, 6 months bank statement, credit card details etc,  leave my passport for a day, just to get the visa stamped. While someone with a South African passport or British or US or Canadian or anywhere else from EU can land in Turkey, walk up the the visa services section and get the visa stamped, right then and there and walk off! Am I less deserving or are they more?

OK, end of rant. Back to travel mode. So yeah, I’m off to Turkey. See you when I see you.


21 thoughts on “Turkey calling

  1. Turkey! Lucky you! Just the other day , we were planning where to go next and Greece and Turkey was on of the top options 🙂 So let me know how you find it.. It is supposed to be quite beautiful!

    So agree with you on the Visa formalities – it is such a pain.. We are considering whether to even apply for UK citizenship – just for the ease of travel…

    • Actually greece and turkey were our options too. and finally we decided to go ahead with turkey. And thank god it was turkey. Or else i would have missed out on something special. it sure is heaven on earth.

  2. Actually it is a lot of fun when you are in your senses and everyone else around you is getting drunk – That’s what my brother told me!!!

    I know better 😉

    Am sure you’re having fun.

    • haha yes i will second your brother’s words. but it is equally good to be drunk. you’ll not miss out on anything. only thing is you wont remember anything the following morning! 😉

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